Sunday, May 27, 2012

After the Shower, Before the Date!

Guess its been pretty quiet here and elsewhere this weekend in the TG blog universe (except Caitlyn, who apparently has a warehouse of clones working day and night to feed voracious caption viewers!) as most in the US celebrate Memorial Day with a long weekend. I had a bit of time here to post a caption and maybe make a quick statement. My next few days should be busy as we celebrate my Dad's 65 birthday tomorrow and then on Tuesday the GF and I celebrate 13 years together by heading up to Boston to do some sightseeing, dinner, etc ... Then I have the rest of the work week off for my annual "celebrate the anniversary week off" which should be even better now because I have already gotten all the air conditioners in so I can just stem. Life is Good!

For the caption, Vampyro had supplied a bunch of pictures suitable for captioning. This one I found very appealing, and I am pretty sure I was interested in doing a "slow progression" that wasn't TOO slow. In a story structure, its much easier to do. With a caption, unless you are using multiple picture sets and panels, you are resigned to one image .. and its best to have it be the penultimate one, after all the changes have taken place.

The easiest way to show each stage for me was to alter the name each step of the way until the end. Not sure if it was a cop-out or not, but it seemed to be a clever resolution at the time (May of 2009). I often have little day dreams about this sort of change anyway so I am rather fond of that route of transformation. Things like diaries where the handwriting and names change over time, or some sort of "I need to reassure myself that her magic isn't working on me" daily quiz in your mind. "Ok, I'm still Damian McQuade, a 30 year old woman working as a ,,"

DISCUSSION QUESTION" When you TG daydream, what sort of scenarios do you most envision and how do they play out? Are they slow and drawn out .. INSTANT GIRL and now what? Something in between, or depends on the moment?


  1. I really enjoy the diary caps where you see the character's handwriting change from black script to pink cursive with hearts dotting the i's, etc.

    For my personal fantasies, it varies. Sometimes I relish the change, savoring the imagined sensations of my breasts growing etc. Other times I skip the transformation entirely and focus on what id do as a girl.

  2. Hmm, I tend to focus on the aftermath than the transformation. Something about the wish-fulfilment aspect of it and also something to do with my own very literalist interpretation of the world. My modes of transformation tend toward Virtual Reality; hypnosis and simple CD. It is rare that I day-dream a full female persona, because it would be too far beyond the realms of possibility (you know, because full-immersion VR a la The Matrix *isn't*).

    Sometimes I focus on the sensations and sometimes I'll focus on the ramifications. In non-lucid dreams I tend to be fully female more often with no explanation of change and in situations that would otherwise be perfectly normal (for me - like Marine invasion of a desert planet or fending off triffids) and so the female aspect of it is *normal*. It's only afterward that I unpack those.

    When I view caps for enjoyment I tend to go with a nice set of images and a clever plot - slow and drawn out can be just as interesting to me as insta-change if it is written well and the captioner (caption-eer?) has enjoyed what they're doing.

  3. Good vivid choices from both of you!

    Its good to have variety Kyra. I bet that you'll never get bored switching it around.

    Joanna .. you mentioned hypnosis. Do you tend to lucid dream you way into feeling super femme .. or use like self-hypnosis scripts? Figured I would ask.

    My daydreams tend to be like the above with the Damien McQuade monologue. "Ok, I'm here in the mall to pick up my comic books and some blistex for my chapped lips. Dammit, where is the latest issue of batman .. OH SEVENTEEN has a new issue out!" "Wait a minute, why would I want a copy of .. What an awesome shade of lipstick that is! etc ..."

    1. I have viewed self-hypnosis scripts but I'm too much of a control freak to let them work at all. I tend to spend most of the time not watching them or reading something else. The *concept* is the thing. Lucid dreaming is rare and always unexpected - once it's happening I'm *usually* already female and super-femme, so I run with it.

      In day-dreams... I tend to focus on the aftermath of it all.

      I like the idea of a Damien McQuade monologue!

  4. Most of my TG daydreams follow the cap ideas I have. And to be honest most dayreams turn into caps. So I gues they fall eqally into insta girl and slow forceful transformations. They are generally sexual in nature and involve a gut punch of humiliation.

  5. Love the continual changes with each paragraph.