Tuesday, May 8, 2012

iCum .. the app!

Jeez, leave the blog alone for a week and views go WAY down! You people expect new stuff all the time eh? LOL Well, I really WANT to be accommodating but life keeps throwing shit at me. Luckily I've learned to duck fairly well.

I had a few vents lined up, but to be honest, its a waste of breath sometimes to acknowledge that people get under your skin. Just the act of writing it all out is quite cathartic. Someone diffused the big situation, so I never had to post the one I really labored to write, biting my tongue the whole time .. but trust me, don't go after my friends honesty or integrity again or I will call you out on all the semantic bullshit.

Ok, so it was a mini-rant. Feeling much better now.

Awhile back, we had a discussion about plots and I solicited for TG ideas involving cellphone apps. This came out of the brainstorming we did. I figured it would work better as a blog exclusive, since the person in the picture is not named ... just discussed between me and one of my minions.

Certain things are marketed more to women, like weddings and proms, greeting cards, and cell phone bling is one of those things that appeal more towards women. I think guys are more into the actual app/tools themselves, as opposed to making a fashion statement with their cell phone protection.

I knew there had to be more of an angle than just the feminization of males. Why not make a few bucks out of it as well? How do we know we aren't being brainwashed by our cell phones anyway? Marketing is essentially all psychology, and appealing to baser instincts of coveting other people's stuff. From there, it pretty much wrote itself.

Not sure if I'll have posting tomorrow. I plan on posting a Mother's Day caption sometime over the weekend. Hope you'll pop in! I want to build up some captioning momentum!


  1. Odd, I can't seem to find it in the android market. Is it an iPhone exclusive app? :p

    A deliciously devious idea, Dee!

    1. Perhaps it will make the crossover to Annedroid Market soon.

      I would have to go back and check, but I think that Simone had some sort of idea where a TG app would take everything on the phone and make it more feminine, so they guy would text more like a girl, take pictures of hot guys, siri would give out information to change him, etc ...

      If not Simone, I'm not sure who did, unless it was the friends in my head? Sometimes they talk REALLY LOUD!