Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Re: Updated Dress Code ... and Haven Issues

This is something I worked up awhile ago. Corporate rules are always interesting to see, as in what is allowed for the different sexes, and specifically for clothing. I always bitched and moaned when I thought the women were getting off easy.

Its usually men that create the rules when it comes to what is acceptable in business, so I figured, when they make changes that affect women .. they'd fight back the only way they know how, well at least the only way they know how in TG captions! The former Brandon certainly helped their cause once they roped him in, now EVERYONE has to wear the same outfits!


Rachel's Haven has been having some issues lately with a software update that recent some other settings. In fixing THAT, it caused some other issues within the framework of the site. We hope to have them taken care of as soon as possible, so please keep up to date on the topics posted on the forum. There is also a new blog that Rachel started here on blogger ... Rachel's Haven Downtime Center. Both her and I have access (perhaps a few other admins will soon as well) so we can hopefully keep people informed if the site goes down for maintenance, has server issues, or whatever else may happen .. and things DO tend to happen!


I posted a caption I made recently from a photo challenge another blog had offered. Simone mentioned she wouldn't mind if I did it. I am posting these two photos of the same model (Bailyn from Southern Charms) because it reminded me of Kaitlyn doing her SNORG captions on the Haven. I leave you these two pictures, and anyone that wants to use one or both, go right ahead! In the comments below, list the link to your completed caption, and I'll update this blog post with the caption AND a link to your blog. This could be great for someone a newer captioner that doesn't have many followers. I don't have a TON of followers, but this blog has had over 1 million hits and 2-5k hits per day.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: The dress code issue is typically linked to the whole "battle of the sexes" and who has it easier and who has it harder when it comes to life inconveniences. When it comes to that discussion when it is a plot point in TG captions, what contrivances of them seem overused? Which ones can you never get enough of? Have we missed any that might make great fodder for future captions?

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  1. I think the part that is overused to me is some man demanding to go into an obviously feminine position with a lawsuit (or threat of a lawsuit). When they win, they get the job but get made into a woman to take the job and fit the uniform code. Think Hooters or Playboy Bunnies. I don't think there are others that I can't get enough of even if they are overused.

    A think a corollary to this that I DO enjoy is someone getting changed into a woman and then dealing with a dress code. Like having to wear hose and a skirt in an office.