Thursday, March 1, 2012

A leap forward with Exot-i-fit

Made this one a few minutes ago for Jeannie, who was offering a 2 for 1 caption deal if you used one of the pictures she posted to her trading folder. There were only a few left, but the photo I nabbed gave me a good vibe, and had lots to work with. I edited the picture down somewhat to take out a bit of stuff I didn't need, and gave it a good focus with what I wanted to use, specifically the blonde cowgirl, and the banner in the background.

From there, I figured that the banner would be a product and that John would be looking for a sales position, along with his friend Jake. They'd of course have to try it out to make sure it worked properly, and hey, its better than selling steak knives.

Since its a TG caption .. of course it worked! It worked REALLY WELL, and now they have no choice but to fulfill the contract requirements for employment. Hell, I'd hate to see what they could do if you tried to back out of the agreement. I assume whatever it was for a punishment, they both figured it'd be easier to just go along with things, and earn a decent salary.

Lastly, I wanted to play around with a twist, so this time of year provided a good little stinger at the end to wrap things up nicely.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I am feeling better now medically, and since Caitlyn is taking a sabbatical, Steffimarie has slowed down her output, and Jennifer is getting her new laptop under control .. any new TG sites or blogs I should be looking at that isn't listed in my side bar? Figured I would ask since I've been a bit out of the loop. Doesn't mean I WILL add them, but I always like to check out what others like. Feel free to give me ideas or promote your own TG blog here in the comments.

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  1. One year, four years, no matter, it will all be fun!