Friday, February 24, 2012

The Hidden Compartment, Pea Brain, and 1 million hits!

This was an "insta-caption" I'd done for Petra back in November of 2010. I think Pea had posted new pictures to her "photos for captioning" folder on the Haven, which Steffie had grabbed one and was having me proofread it, if I recall correctly. I figured I would check out what new stuff she'd posted (Petra has a great eye for gorgeous women in poses and situations that work really well for TG captions) and this picture just jumped right out at me.

I don't recall it taking more than 5-8 minutes from start to finish. I love making captions for people like Steffie and Petra because we are all good friends, and all enjoy goofing around with each other. Even more than that, we ENCOURAGE each other to be wacky and irreverent. Here's a small series I made for Petra, that I don't THINK I've posted here before.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to make, and get reactions to, this caption set. That is the main reason I wanted to post tonight. Sometime over the weekend, this blog will have hit the 1 million mark for page views.

I know that since this is more of a discussion site, I don't necessarily get the views that other sites get, and I have no problem with that. I think that my goal is to lift the curtain and show what is going on inside a somewhat creative mind, and get others to think about what they are viewing and/or creating. Its a earnest minded goal to be sure, and I do take the discussions seriously, but the main goal here, and in the Haven, is to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible. Not only that, but to make sure that everyone else comes along for the carnival ride.

I love what I do, and there is no mistaking the fact that I enjoy making captions. That is why I have this blog, and why I've probably not suffered any particular burnout creatively. Here is something that ended up being ironic .. its from the FIRST POST I ever made at the Haven:
As a lot of people that like TG, I am prone to disappearing and reappearing, and as such, it's apparent that it'll take me forever to get enough postings to see the real galleries, both here and at the (bimbo) sanctuary (I'm finally up to 70 or so there, only took me about 2 years for that!) I'll post a few things, then think I'm saying too much and revealing, then scurry away like a squirrel. Then at some point, when I have free time, I'll pop back in.

I envy those that really can just jump right into the communities and post away without any fears. Perhaps they feel they can be free to be what they want online, or that they are truly comfortable with laying it all out there.
Well, other than the fact I'd never MADE a caption at that point, once I hit the Haven, I never looked back. I made friends there, which meant fun, then made some captions, which was even more fun! Over time, I became more established, helped out in many facets (writing coach, librarian, links coder, then finally admin) and in every case, found something whimsical and charming about the whole experience. All that made me exactly the person I wanted to be online, and the person that I used to envy. What a wonderful outcome!

Long story long, since its my friggin' blog ... I hope that you can see the joy in each caption that I make and discuss, either here or on the Haven. I like to think that I leave a bit of the essence of "Dee" in all my works. I remember Bren saying that she would quit making captions once she hit 1k. I wondered why she was being so arbitrary. How can you stop if you are having a blast, or even worse, if you kept making captions if your heart wasn't into it .. just to make your goal. Luckily Bren kept on going after she passed 1k (I think she's over 1200 right now) but I know I'll stop only when it isn't fun anymore.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When it comes to captions, what is it that makes it the most enjoyable? Is it the subject matter (like a certain fetish or genre) the picture, the mood, the design, the worldview of the creator, or something else? I'm hoping that I get lots of comments on this.


  1. Great captions, Dee, and congratulations on one million views!

    As for what makes a caption enjoyable, I think it could be the content, the plot, the image, and the presentation. Not all of those are usually needed all at once since one of those factors alone can lead to a great caption.

    Overall I think good writing that fits with the image(s) used can lead to an enjoyable cap.

  2. I'm assuming you mean reading captions, and not creating them. If that's the case, then for me it's the ability to draw me in and put me in that situation. There are plenty of things that make them enjoyable, but that is the most enjoyable for me. When I feel that the cap is telling the story of me, when I get the emotions myself (whether those emotions are embarrassment, love, hate, fear, joy....) I immediately love the cap. It can be a 'piss poor' cap with a bad photo, black text on a white background that's hard to read, and a subject that I don't normally find attractive in caps... but if it moves me then I am impressed.

    Sure, I also love a good design. A good layout. A technically wonderful photograph of a sexy beautiful woman. But if I find a amazingly designed cap utilizing all of these facets, and the story doesn't draw me in. Then it's just something beautiful to look at, and then move on. Thankfully the cap artists that focus on design also generally write an engaging story.

  3. @ Kelly

    From what you've written, it almost seems like the anticipation of a good caption is what keeps you reading. That is a good trait to have!

    @ Caitlyn

    You definitely seem to be an empathetic reader, and often fit yourself into what you view. That makes sense because you do a great job in making your captions visceral and emotional.

  4. I hope you don't mind a newbie offering a tuppence worth.

    I 'discovered' captions by accident whilst perusing the locked in lace OOC forums back in 2008 and then discovered blogspot soon afterwards as a place where people made these images, that would be about 2009.

    What drew me to this medium (and it's not just TG caps, all caps work this way for me) was the plot coupled to the image. I agree that the quality of image and text can be as variable as you please provided the plot/characterisation matches that image. I can't claim to be emotionally involved, well, not all the time, but I like the story as much as anything else. Since 2009 I've also come to realise that I am something of a visual person in that I like to accompany text with images wherever possible from a design perspective - images and astute use of colour help the reader get involved in the text.

    I'm a writer at heart, not a capper, and pretty cold and logical. It's taken me fourteen years to get round to even blogging about this sort of thing so I could join in - but captions are like short stories to me, and easier to read online when tired after a day of work. Works of art in their own right, to be sure, but to be enjoyed on the surface and in depth in their own time. The best caps are the ones that keep me coming back and keep me looking at them over and over again.

  5. @ Joanna

    This is one of those blogs where its VERY welcome to put your opinions up. Discussions are great for finding out about others viewpoints and hopefully seeing things a different way. In a way, isn't that what most of the TG/TG captions are?

    One of the best things to come out of the discussions here is to see HOW a picture draws out a story in people, and how they relate to each other.

    Hope you enjoy the blog, and look around! There are so many discussions to be found!