Saturday, February 11, 2012

Working Sissy Monthly .. and Formspring Question

Well, I was messing around with Photoshop, mostly because I know that Facebook will soon make us all use their TIMELINE thing, which means a widescreen main picture. I wanted to try out some new techniques. Some of them worked, but others for some reason didn't, specifically selecting few layers to create a new layer group. I couldn't get my SHIFT + mouse click to work so I could pick more than one selected layer. Because of that, I gave up and went to a picture directory I barely ever view, figuring I'd find some pictures I could fuck around with.

This picture was one of the 1st ones I saw, since its quite old. I think it might actually be from 2002! For some reason, the composition of the photo and the subject matter screamed "Its a magazine cover for Working Sissies!" BINGO! From there, it just took a bit of time to come up with some topics. I can't wait to read the cover story about how Ron's company is doing so much better now that he's just another member of the secretarial pool instead of the head honcho. I even used the same font that Cosmopolitan uses for their magazine covers.

Is Screamo still around?  Hard to believe that THIS song is almost 10 years old now!

This song below is one of my favorite "tranny" songs. Hard to believc that THIS SONG is in JUST DANCE for the Wii! Get those future drag queens dancing in style!


This leads to a formspring question that I wasn't officially ignoring, but really wanted to put a conscious effort into doing it properly. It is from Simone:
Challenge: You're a woman for a day - what's the soundtrack to your girl day and why?
I would state my case that I don't really think I would change much about the music I listen to as a boy or as a girl. I'd probably want to go out dancing at a club, so some of it would have to be some mindless pop music, perhaps Born This Way by Lady Gaga would be an ironic musical statement to boogie my boobies around in a club.

However, upon thinking about it further, I wouldn't what style of music best represents transgender ideas and ideals? For me, its cabaret music. There is utter beauty in the performance, but the undercurrent is darker than what is apparent on the surface. And nothing represents that ideal with another of my favorite genres .. the punk cabaret duo of The Dresden Dolls.

Amanda Palmer is truly a force of nature, who never stops to think about why she shouldn't do something, even pissing off most of the gothy fan girls by marrying Neil Gaiman and releasing entire CD's of ukelele cover songs. Brian Viglione is an incredible drummer, and probably just behind Josh Freese in terms of talent (high praise indeed!) Brian is also an admitted straight man and a cross dresser, and doesn't give a rats ass who knows.

I can't begin to describe how much I love this fucking song! It moves me in ways that not many songs can, and its themes are both universal and strangely personal at the same time. It doesn't fit the standard Dresden Dolls song, yet its probably the MOST Dresden Dolls song as well.
Sing cause its obvious, sing for the astronauts sing!
Sing for the president, sing for the terrorists sing!
Life is no cabaret ...We don't care what you say ...
We're inviting you anyway ..
You motherfuckers you'll sing someday!
Who doesn't want to just open up and say what you feel, and show the world who you really are behind the masks we all build for ourselves. It is hard not to let your emotions run free when you are singing. It is probably the most intimate thing we can do in public. I mean, how often have you been embarrassed at a stop light or someplace, singing your heart out along to the car radio, when you realize that someone is watching you? Sometimes happiness is the littlest things in life, and those little things are the most freeing things we can do.

And unfortunately, I wanted to go to the video shoot, but my car broke down that day! Stupid transportation issues! No mater what though, I'll just sing!
DISCUSSION QUESTION: What style of music do you think best represents transgender ideas and ideals? What would you listen to on your day as a female and why?

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  1. I hate to be obtuse, but I don't believe there is a single style of music that can represent something so wide and complex as transgender ideas and ideals. I mean I could say punk music, because at its core most punk is about bucking 'the system', much like transgender is about bucking the normal male/female system. I could say country because its often sad and reminiscent, much like many transgendered people are sad and reminiscent. I could say baroque because its about beauty and love, much like transgendered people want to be about beauty and love. I could say alternative because its all about not fitting into a any single box, and yet ends up creating its own box to fit in. I could say the blues because its about remembering the sad times and hoping for better times ahead. I could say dance, as its about getting lost in the moment....

    But I don't think any one of these genre's could completely encompase all of the transgender ideals. Unless someone writes and sings a punky country, baroquey, alternativey, bluesy, dance mix. And lets face it... that would just be horrible!

    As to the music I would listen to on my day as a female? I have no idea. I listen to so many styles of music and rarely assign any particular emotion or state of being to any one song. For instance I am right now listening to "The man who sold the world" by Nirvana. I hear the longing and wanting in Kurt's voice and it makes me just 'want'. I want to be a female. I want a job. I want love. I want a better game to play. I hear the slow sad melody and I remember my father's passing. I remember my mother's illness. I remember my friend losing his job and worrying about how he will raise his new daughter. I hear the upswing bass and it makes me thing of things getting better. I think of me getting my degree, of me getting that job, of me getting over this damned cold.

    And all of that is from one sing. I'm sure that if I had a day as a woman, I would assign all kinds of different feelings and emotions to whatever music I listen to. But at the end, I would still listen to music that makes me 'feel'. That makes me happy/sad, that makes me lose myself and think deep thoughts, that makes me live in the moment and plan for the future and reminisce about the past.