Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mmmm, Painkillers!

Well, I am not feeling much pain right now because the meds haven't worn off from the medical procedure yet (HULK SMASH!) so I figured I'd give a quick little update.

I'm home and will be resting semi-comfortably soon.

There ya go! As concise as I strive to be in regards to my captions.

The caption above is one I enjoyed making for Jennifer a long time ago. I might've posted it here in the blog before, but if so, who cares! Its something for you to look at! Just look at it again! If not, hey, its something new!

Hope to have something posted either tomorrow if I feel up to it, or maybe next Monday.


  1. I think I nailed this sale! I went above and beyond to satisfy my customer, Even polished his nick nacks. Now, can I sale anyone else some shampoo?

    heh, I think you are still the only person to cap such a picture for me. And I've got a lot of cock sucking captions in my trade folder. just nothing playing with the berry's. *giggle* Fun fact!

  2. I'm surprised that no one has done a Tea Party caption that leads to a situation like this. They were already throwing tea bags around at protest rallies! Then again, it might not be good to mix politics and TG captions.

    @ Jennifer

    Glad I could blaze a trail that no one before, or since, has navigated for you. I pretty much ripped off the idea from Andrew Dice Clay, who had a joke based off some old shampoo commercial. "Gee, your balls smell terrific!" was the punchline.