Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Samantha is a Perfect Topping

This caption was designed a few weeks ago when I was in a "Viking Raid" sort of picture hunt.

Sometimes I will snag pictures and just save them to the hard drive until I come up with something. Other times I will do more of a "Caption starter" where I will find the picture and place it immediately into a caption setting, with the picture cropped and edited, and place into an already shaded background for later text additions. Mostly I do these when I KNOW I will use the picture .. might as well get things as comfy/cozy as possible for when I want to make it.

So anyway, I came across a cache of pictures that were really great quality and this was probably the best one. When it came time to make the caption, I owed Sammie, and I haven't made her as many redheads as she probably should've been, so I figured that THIS one would make up for the lack of previous redheads. Don't you agree?

I didn't want to do an elaborate story because, to be honest, I didn't think it needed one. The pose, the look, and the whole "cherry" thing pretty much spoke for itself. I just wanted to pare down everything possible to make it as concise and pin-point as possible.

This was one of three captions I made yesterday, while using a pain med. I am not fond of them at all, but was finding the discomfort intolerable. If I get time today, I might write up the other two, save them, and then have something to post over the next week. I will be getting a treatment on Thursday, so hopefully I will be in some intense pain for a day or two, then much less going forward. There will probably be a followup with the doctor next week, and we'll see how much I've progressed since this weeks medical treatment.

Its been odd the last week or so, being involved in some TG sites and blogs, but not actively looking at any actual content. I did a bit of an overhaul on the Trading Area of Rachel's Haven. Then Sunday we had the issues with the server host on the Haven. With the other administrative duties at the Haven, I still feel useful to the TG community while I try to deal with medical issues and get better so I can fling myself back into making captions on a regular production schedule and popping in to comment on other people's creations.

I hope everyone will stick around, pop in here every few days, and just wait things out until I can put a complete effort into this blog once again. I know that I'm approaching 1 million views, and wanted to celebrate that when it happens .. I just want to do so when I am able to party properly!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you tend to hunt for pictures all at once, saving them to your hard drive for later captioning? Or do you look around, find a picture you like, THEN stop and make the caption right away? Figured I would ask, since people have different ways of creating.


  1. Cute cappie and VERY cute redhead.. I am sure she'll love it :)

    On pics, normally, I peruse my archive of pics, seeing which one strikes my mood... Sometimes I have a story stuck in my head, and I don't have an appropriate pic "in stock".. THEN I hunt. Almost always, I end up finding other possibles while I hunt, and I save THEM for later. I'd say 75% of the time I use pics I have alreday, 25%, I have to go find.


  2. I do about a 50/50 split between a) saving a noteworthy pic for later, and b) using it to predesign a caption. I've even set up some instant greeking macros for myself so that I'm just a couple key presses away from a block of lorem ipsum.

  3. I'm constantly looking for pictures even if I don't realize it. I'll go visit some random blogs and just find things that work. this usually leads me down a path of looking for pictures. Some days I do binge hunting and others are just a few here and there.

    Some pictures stick out and I just HAVE to cap them right then and there. Often i leave those open in a browser in line so I can just plug them and start writing. If I have a story in my head already, I'll go hunting for a pic in places where i think it will best match up. The results are usually good in the long run - but those types take longer to make.

  4. Great cap Dee! Love how the picture meshes with the story. I hope you were able to write up your other caps, as I do miss my frequent doses of 'Dee'scussions. As to hunting for pics... I look for a picture that inspires a story. If I find one that gives me a strong enough impression for a story, I write it. Once that bit of inspiration hits me, I can't change the story up.

    Sometimes while trying to cap a particular person with particular preferences (say that five times fast!) I'll come across an image that whispers a type of story to me that doesn't fit my target at all. I am left with two choices... write that story now, and ignore my intended target, or don't write it, and never be able to write it again. It is just so rare for me to see an image, and save it for later. It if inspired a story on my first viewing, I quickly lose interest in capping it later. And if it didn't inspire a story, then it more than likely won't inspire a story ever.