Friday, December 9, 2011

A Little Drop of ... Poison?

Wanted to post something for people to look at this weekend. I'll try to look at the links in the previous post and add some to the side for my viewing pleasure. Keep them coming!! No need to stop just because there is a newer blog post!

This is the other caption I made while listening to Tom Waits. I had the picture for Chelsea, but hadn't the real concrete idea until I got to the lyrics for "A Little Drop of Poison" which seemed to go really well with the image. I didn't want to go the way most people would though with the picture and the song title. Figured I would work around it. Witches, especially those in the past, were often just herbalist/chemists, so went with that. Since the picture has a cat (familiar) and tea cups (Chelsea is from the UK) .. I just went with what works, and I think it did work. Sometimes I like to make guys lives better when they turn into women. I guess I have a soft touch occasionally!

DISCUSSION: How often do you just take what the image gives you, versus trying to stretch around and give the story something that is slightly off the beaten path? For me, I wanted to do it here because Chelsea had given me a great caption and I wanted to make the capback something more special.


  1. I don't often go beyond what the image gives me. At least not initially. If I am making a cap for a particular person, I will normally have an idea of the direction I want to go in, and if an image doesn't tell me a story immediately, or it tells me a story that doesn't vibe with what I have in mind, I just keep searching.

    Now once the story gets rolling, I may find some it going in a direction that steers away from the image. If I can make it work, I let it stay. But if it requires a new image, I often will just drop the idea out. Very rarely do I get a story rolling with one image, and then change it up enough that I need a different image altogether.

  2. I almost always work with what the image gives me. I might have the general outline of what I'm looking to create, but the story is almost always born from the first time I lay eyes on the picture. After that It's usually just a matter of getting that down on the page and from point A to point B.

  3. First of all, before the "discussion", THANK YOU for the awesome cap!

    As for the discussion, I think it's really hard to differentiate what you as a caption-maker add to the pic vs. what it just gives you.

    I look at many pics through my personal fantasy lens. As soon as I see the pic, the general backstory is just there... for somebody else it wouldn't be, or it would be different.

    The only time I have to add anything is I am scouting for a pic to fit a predetermined fantasy, for myself or others. The I try to find a pic that I can make work/believable, by adding stuff that may or may not be readily apparent at first glance.

    Some, but not all, Trading caps are thatway for me :)

  4. @ Steffi

    I can agree with you on that, especially the trading part of it. Sometimes I'm in a certain mood, and finding out which person I owe fits that mood best can really help drive a better caption. I am not going to go looking for a dominatrix photo if I'm making a caption for Caitlyn .. unless perhaps the Dom is wearing a strap on and plowing the newly made girl!