Monday, December 12, 2011

Nursing a Curse .. Just milking it right now!

This will be a somewhat fragmented post. I am trying to make sure I post 2-3 times a week. I don't always have an elaborate discussion worked up, so I post when (a) I have time, and (b) when I have something to discuss. Making this blog is much harder than actually making captions.

People are always asking for pregnancy captions. Here is one I made a few weeks ago for a 2 for 1 deal offered by Chelsea Baker. As I described in the posting at the time:
I wanted to make something up right away before I forgot (that happens much more than you think!) so I puzzled quickly until I came up with something that I don't think gets enough caption love. For women, there is something that happens to them that they can't describe when they are involved with what the caption talks about, and guys NEVER get to experience it.
From seeing it live, and from hearing about it with other mothers I know, its a weirdly erotic, but innocent, sensation to breast feed. Even weirder is that certain emotions, or any baby crying, can bring forth a veritable fountain of breast milk. Guys really have nothing to compare it to and I think its interesting that an emotional feeling can bring about such a physical reaction like that.

A few side notes:
  • I am looking for an old story, that I seem to have lost from my hard drive. It was posted MANY years ago, perhaps on the original TSA mailing list, or perhaps the TG mailing list that Sapphire had started. The plot was basically the following, "Guy in a clothing store pisses off the witch working there. He has to escape the store, and if any female clothing touches him, the corresponding body part of his changes into a female (ie if gloves touch him, his hands become female.) If he can escape, he will become a man again, but of course, that doesn't happen." IF you have a copy/link to the story, give me a holler. I wish I remembered the name and author, but I honestly suck about that!
  • If you have a TF/TG caption blog and DON'T belong to the Haven, but would like to trade captions, give me a shout-out below in the comments. I didn't realize there were that many people doing captions that weren't a part of the Haven. 99 percent of my captions are trades with others. I always focus better on plots and things when I have someone, and their preferences, in mind. Otherwise my brain is too scatter shot and my ADD kicks in (and people wonder why I can be concise when creating .. its really a lack of focus! LOL)
  • Something I am pretty good at is helping people that are having issues with writing blocks. If you ever have a problem trying to figure out where to go next, or want to blast past some creative issues, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.
All of these things you can put in the comments section. Hopefully, I'll have something more posted in the next few days, including an exclusive blog caption.

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  1. As an addendum to the above, I found the story I was looking for ... its called "Andrew" by Grimbo.

    And its posted to Fictionmania! Wooo!

    I love stories and captions like these, where the victim is almost stuck on autopilot, and is compelled to act a certain way, where he'll try to act or say something, and it comes out totally wrong and girly.

    Anyway, at least ONE mystery hsa been solved today!