Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Something just came up .. Oh Shit! It's me!

I keep forgetting to email myself a caption I made the other day that didn't particularly fit anyone's preferences, so I was going to post it as an exclusive to my blog. Sooooo, I will have to wait until I can actually get it emailed to myself if I plan on posting it while at work.

Anyway, Jennifer had a great question in the comments:
Is there a specific genre that you associate with a certain fetish? or is all fair game? For example, do you prefer your pantyhose fetish to always have a hypnosis theme? 
 I don't mind mixing and matching, but there are some things that just seem to line up better. For instance, for those that have a fetish for latex ("wave to the audience Alectra!") I think that it goes well with submission and domination. It also works well with bodysuits.

I am a big fan of pantyhose/stockings. I don't think that there is any real definitive genre where it fits best. I know it REALLY fits well in a office/work place setting or a fancy dress / prom / wedding setting .. regardless of whether its a magical / technological caption or story .. or in a realistic way for cross-dressing subjects as evidenced by the above caption for Alectra.

I am a fan of hypnosis captions, and am a big fan of pantyhose. Something involving both is probably bound to nail at least one of those buttons, and hopefully many more that go along with other preferences. Both those preferences go well though with acting extremely or 'over the top' feminine and some humiliation too. I guess that I am lucky that what I am into keeps my preferences easy to caption.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are some things that don't seem to match up very well? Perhaps we can get some mix-matched ideas that I/we might be able to work through and overcome whatever issues we think keep them from being compatible.Which things really go well together that I haven't mentioned up above?


  1. (Ughhhhhh!She caught me in the crowd *giggle*)Hey Dee I got entranced to come here and respond to a very difficult question! Nah just joking ^-^

    Uhmmm let me think... things that don't match apart from the personas inside my head... errr *giggle* well Today I tried to match a girly cap with an Emo cap. Not sure yet of the result but the pic was like that and I'm not sure that could match soooo well *giggle* Okay lame answer... let me think a bit more.

    Uhmmm if anything pregnancy and sex don't match for me. Nope I know there are people with those fetishes but well... just thinking of the one inside... and nevermind :P nope that doesn't match for me sorry!

    Things that match like glue: Stockings and feminization. There is something attached to that object (even if those are going to be used for a man attire) that draws an easy line to begin the cap. I know I'm a big fan of stocking so that could be the reason why I find it so easy.

    Another one thats match well are dark twisted stories with goths. There are many elements where you could fail to line the story and yet the story would be enough to call it a Dark Goth cap.

    More! ^-^

    Fantasy and Sci-Fi if you do it well and have the knowlegde to not make a mistake (think fo Dr. Who) you could make a good story out of it. With the rights elements and a good pic... nothing can go wrong!

    So far those are my ideas ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I don't think cross dressing works with a sci-fi theme very well, but it's sort of a no brainier right? one is just dressing up in clothes, and one is using high tech equipment to meet the same end.

    I can think of a few scenes where it might work, but it's only a handful. it's nothing like hypnosis working with, well, just about any fetish or them.

    I think if you try hard enough, you could get one or two ideas to mesh together in a way it feels natural. but often it's just pounding a square peg into a round hole.

    I wish I had more suggestions or examples since it was my question, but I don't have any more really. Those are the 2 that spring to mind when I think of themes and fetishes that don't work very well in the same caption.