Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween .. a few days early!

It was 70 degrees a few days ago, now we are expecting a few inches of snow! My daughter is curled up with her boyfriend watching Saw IV right now, eating popcorn. A perfect pursuit on a Saturday evening right before Halloween. I'm not too happy about the boyfriend part of the equation, but at least she's not wearing a slutty costume right now at a party somewhere! Slutty Halloween costumes are supposed to be for ME, not her!

This is the costume she wants to wear for Halloween!

I am pretty sure that everyone that reads this blog knows that I'm a huge fan of Halloween. When I was growing up, my house was always the one that went the extra mile in giving out "tricks" along with treats (which was a piece of candy and a pencil.) After my mother died, other people in the neighborhood took up the mantel, so even 17 years later, there is always at least one house having fun, whether its a haunted garage (with sink that has bloody water flowing through it) or a campfire with scary stories being told by a wizard or witch. Because of this, I always go back to the old neighborhood and hand out candy with my dad. Even though we don't do anything special, it is something that links us back to my mom. Some of the parents still tell us about how we scared the hell out of THEM when they were their children's age!

I love Halloween, but I wouldn't want it to be Halloween everyday. I think it would tend to cheapen it somehow. I like it being SPECIAL! The first time I walk into a store and see a Halloween display, or hear commercials for a haunted train or hayride ... Getting ready for a horror movie marathon, or creating a Halloween mix CD for the car ... Catching good deals on candy, fishnets, and other things like skulls, headstones, weird flavors of Jones soda.

I am not sure I'll be posting on the actual date of Halloween. Depends on how busy I am at work. If I don't, I hope that everyone that reads this, and all those close to you, are safe and happy on Halloween. For those who celebrate Samhain, a Merry Meet to you my friends! Call out the elements in peace! Be blessed!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are your favorite Halloween memories? DO you enjoy Halloween more or less than when you were younger?


  1. I will go to the store just to see if the Halloween aisle is finally put up. I will go to store's I never even visit the rest of the year, to see what THEY have on display. I love Halloween and I've been celebrating it all month long! I agree that the day it self should be one day to keep it special. But I just love building up to the most horrific of all holidays!

    I've been watching a horror movie a day so far, (watching Halloween 5 right now, After watching part 4 already today. )

    And heck, Jennifer was practically born on Halloween! :D But my fondest memory of Halloween? Well, besides some details I can't share here, My fondest memory I can share. was scaring the neighborhood trick or treater's by dressing up and pretending to be statues on the front porch. had to pull my mask off and convince one of them I wasn't a monster. heh..

  2. Since we dont have this Halloween here I also don't have any memories.

    But something else: Some kids tried to copy this weird stuff and walked through the streets asking for sweets and then threw eggs at the walls when they didnt get any. Result: People from the neighbourhood called the police, 5 young adults brought home. :D

    Otherwise I've never been into costumes etc. Carnival is as well not popular here in the north and therefor people are not used to it. There are enough other things for fun. :-P