Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Auto-closets and TG Universes

While this caption was made for Elly, I wanted to stretch my creative wings a bit, and do a caption that was pretty much set up in an established TG universe, specifically one that I'm not that fond of. The only one I really like is Spells R Us, and that is because its so open ended AND the guy in the bathrobe seems rooted in the ways of Kokopelli, the trickster and fertility deity.

I was/am pretty sure I'd never done an Auto-closet caption, and this picture fit the idea I was looking to make. I thought that the best way to work with it was to make it totally accidental, and the idea of looking for gifts came to mind, since I remember having my cousin look through my mom's closet rummaging for Christmas gifts .. all so I'd have a plausible denial if I was asked, "Did you go through my closet?" ... I hadn't but my cousin certainly did! I did reciprocate for him as well. My mom had much better taste in clothes than my aunt!

The further twist was my take on an O Henry type irony, just to rub the feminized wounds a bit more.

So I used this caption as a way to force myself to be creative with something I wasn't that enamored with as an exercise to make my overall writing better. Did I succeed? Well, I think I did, as I ended up liking this caption a lot more than I should have.

The main point is that we do need to stretch out and try different things so we don't get stale in our creative endeavors. Just because we have a certain wheelhouse zone for our captions, doesn't mean we can't wander around the landscape from time to time. Breakaway and level off the rut you find yourself in, and break free from your own expectations once in awhile!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Perhaps this was discussed before, but What is your favorite TG universe and what is your least favorite? How often to you read/write captions with topics you don't think you'll like? Has it ever swayed you to like it any more than you used to? I will try to follow up on your responses in the next post or two.


  1. I think you're right, that we have spoke of TG universes before. But they are so prevelant that I feel its worthy of more than one conversation.

    I love the cap by the way, and it reminded me of the auto closet universe. I hadn't thought about that in years, and honestly enjoyed some of the stories. Not enough to call myself a fan, but enough to read them when they showed up.

    I think the reason I liked it was the idea of some piece of supposedly friendly technology happily going about its business, while terrorizing some helpless guy. It reminds me of the story 'House Training' by RH Music (at least I think that's the title and author). That is one of my favorite TG stories.

    For reading I do get the occasional chuckle out of Spells'R'Us, but I don't think I really like 'universe' stories as a whole. I think people rely to much on the universe being interesting, and then write less than stellar stories.

    I would rather read something original and wonderfully interesting.

    I wrote several caps set in the Medallion of Zulo universe, but only because they were for a role playing game at the Haven. I wrote a few Great Shift caps, but they were for people that specifically like that universe. Beyond that the closest I get to a universe is mentioning a new shop in the mall, where the proprietor happens to be wearing a robe of some sort. It's a wink and a nod to Spells'R'Us, without really making it all about that universe.

    As to writing caps in general about subjects that I don't like... I don't often go down that road. For me to write well, I have to have an interest somewhere in the cap. The few times I've tried topics that don't interest me, I feel that they fell flat. And that isn't good for the person I'm making it for, or me.

  2. I think that my favourite universe is the M.A.U maybe because it goes around the sci-fi universe and just because is fun to get inside a machine and be changed into something completely unexpected (at least for you!) another one but less liked is the all time favourite of many people the Spells R US... There is something mysterious about that wizard and I don't want anyone to fall onto that evil mastermind "giggle". No well just joking ^-^ but hey! I've to put an order in my preferences!...

    The least liked is the Great Shift just because it doesn't seems right to me to end in another body or changing place I cannot really fall into that fantasy. I want to be the one changing in my own body not taking control or maybe not of another one!.

    And finally one It could go wrong or be the most amazing is the elusive master PC. I like it and not why? Because is less used by TG cappers and of course is hard to fall in everyone's preferences with that one.

    Basically the victim or volunteer has the control or maybe someone is controlling it and get some previews of how his/her body would end up. Well here is where I'm starting to fall down and not liking it much. So I get a preview but hey! something went wrong and now I'm trapped in it for all eternity... great plot! eh! no...

    When it comes as part of a story it could shine quite well and when it comes as the story in itself it doesn't (In my opinion)

    And of course the auto closet is the rarest for me but I would like to see it more! ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. As a rule I tend to stay away from universes when I write captions but I don't mind reading the stories from time to time. I've always enjoyed MAU stories most, they appeal to me in the wild, wicked ways they usually bring out of people and can touch on the darker tones. They can also be humorous if written right.
    I also have enjoyed some MoZ stories because they also have some varied stories. Of all of the universes, I use elements of this universe most in captions. It's got a loose set of rules and fun for submissive and revenge/karma captions.

    I've never enjoyed Great Shift stories. They are almost too "wheel-of-fate" for me and often the subject matter doesn't appeal to me. Honestly, when I read "Great Shift" in a caption or story, I almost immediately shut down. Bad because I like to keep an open mind, but I realize it has little interest for me.

    A newer universe I hate to admit I LIKE is the TG Gun universe. Stories about a gun that allows the user to turn anyone into a bodysuit that it is pointed at has possibilities but it's got a very disturbing element to it when it comes to morality. It blends elements of possession, bodysuits, entrapped/stuck and bodyswap and all three are tropes I enjoy to some degree. Yet, the darker side of it even seems wicked to me.

    I will step out of my comfort zone every so often because I like to find inspiration from new things. Sometimes it pays off and other times it's gone horribly wrong. It allows me to grow when it comes to writing because I can get into the mindset of something that might not be my cup of tea. I've made many caps over the years in elements that aren't my typical tastes but I think it's made me better at what I do!

  4. So, what does a cap give me when I read it? I read an alternate reality I could find myself in. I see the result and see how I act during a certain point of time after a transformation.

    I like to see and read those, in fatasy, possible new realities. These universes are just a small reason to give an explanation for the change.
    Like I think it's well known that I love the Great Shift. While others don't like the thought of takign over someone else's life I say: I don't care.
    It's a new reality just with having a body of someone else ... for me that is no difference than my original body morphing into another form. I'm technically in the body of someone else then too - Martha or whatever name I'd have or give myself.

    So universes are a nice tool for me to work around those long explanations of a reason for a transformation. A GS is much more realistic sound to me because I dont have women around me who want to punish me and turn me into a woman. I also have no desire to be a woman myself, it would have to happen involuntarily, because otherwise Niels wouldn't allow a change.
    Those universes place me (or others) in a new body pretty quick and then the interesting thing about my fantasy begins: how does the new me deal with that new body.