Friday, September 2, 2011

Digging Deep, Where's the Seam? .. by request

Someone gave me a simple question on Formspring the other day,mainly,  "could you do a bodysuit cap?"

Well, of course I "could" do a bodysuit caption. Theoretically, I could make any sort of caption I want. I don't do many bodysuit captions though, because I tend to make non-consensual captions that involve magic. It is hard to put anybody in clothing against their will, as anyone trying to get a child dressed .. or redressed after they've stripped naked after lunch would attest to. I guess you could blackmail/coerce them into it, and if I have to make another body-suit caption, I'll see if I can work on a good enough scenario to make it work. However though, I would think that 90-95 percent of all bodysuit captions would have to be considered at least partially consensual.

Because of that particular bent, I had to come up with a good reason for someone to want to use a bodysuit. Cassandra 'Angel" is big time into Cosplay and would want to use a bodysuit for the weekend so she could look even better in whatever girlish character she wanted to play. Since I'm not entirely comfortable with the concepts of bodysuits, I selfishly brought in the bathrobe wizard from Spells R Us to help sell the idea of being stuck, although looking back at it, I probably could have let it stand on its own and people would've gotten the idea. I usually give the reader the benefit of the doubt that they'll get most of the things I layer into my captions, but I didn't do that here, possibly because I wasn't quite sure of what I had written either. I think that if I had made this caption now, instead of 2 years ago, I might have used the same story line, but the execution would be much better and streamlined.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Since this was requested, and that there has to be some bodysuit fans out there, what methods would you use to get a bodysuit onto a person that doesn't want to wear one? I am assuming that there will be some people that trade with me that would LIKE to have a bodysuit, and I am looking for ideas on how to fulfill it while still maintaining the elements that make a 'Dementia' caption relatively unique. Right now I've got the blackmail/coercion method, and perhaps a paint can like spray that could be applied to the skin. What else can you come up with?


  1. Perhaps an actor with a role that requires them to play part of the movie as female even though they might not wish to? last minute rewrite? getting stuck in the outfit? pissing of the director to make it permanent?
    Maybe frat hazings? Lots can happen when you are drunk and passed out in college or high school for that matter.
    Or you could go way out bizarre and have a macho dude piss off a group of furries who get their revenge with a bimbo bodysuit? Just some ideas for the unwilling.

  2. I've used a symboite-like substance as a bodysuit that is sentient. It forced itself on it's victim.

    I've also used the idea of drugging the subject and putting them into the suit after the fact.

    One of my earliest bodysuit captions was done for Petra and it involved a trick to convince someone to put on a suit - using a trick coin to get the other person into it.

    One that might be a bit of a reversal of bodysuits is the TG Gun universe on Fictionmania. It uses a gun that turns people into bodysuits that can be worn by others. Once worn, they have access to the former person's memories and experiences - you could literally steal someone's life. What made it even more out there is that if you wore another bodysuit over the first one, the original suit would become permanant.

  3. One more I idea that just came to me: A bodysuit that's in the form of clothing. Trick somesone into wearing the clothing and the bodysuit then takes on it's true form, trapping the person inside it.

  4. Good ideas! I'll have to store away some of those nuggets for another time!