Friday, August 26, 2011

You'll remember EVERY year now!

The only thing I really want to say about this caption is that I had the image stored on a hard drive for a LONG time before I finally was able to use it in a caption. I just wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with it, until Terri had a 2 for 1 deal going on involving anniversaries. From there, I found a plot line that would work for it, tying in the little sun shaped stuffed animal with the hypnotic/magic phrase in the story. Not sure if everyone caught that little tie in between the picture and the story.

I wanted to get SOMETHING posted, since its been a week since I've jotted anything of note down here. Life has been quite complicated and hectic, and when you add that to hurricane preparations at work and for my grandmother, not to mention stocking up at our apartment (I am not too worried about wind and rain, more for flooding and power outages) it has not been fun.

I would like to mention, as alluded to in Jennifer's latest post, that a model recently contacted me about an image that was used in one of my captions. I had no problem removing it, since (a) I used a picture that someone had posted, and (b) it was obvious it was her. I wish they wouldn't have resorted to reporting the whole blog, as I removed the caption within 3 hours of her comment. Luckily they only set THAT post to draft, so I could "edit" the post, which technically had ALREADY been edited. None of the other posts were affected.

So at this point in time. I would like to re-iterate the following. I make no claims that I am the creator of any photographs posted to the site. I do not make any money off the captions NOR from this blog itself. If you are the owner/creator of the picture, please leave me an email or point of contact and I will graciously remove the caption from this blog. If you just want credit/links to your work, I can do that as well.

However, I am the person that writes the stories and does any and all graphic design involved in the creation of the captions I post, unless I specifically say its a guest caption. I have no issues with people posting my "work", as long as there is credit given, and a link back to this blog.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How as the tags working out so far? Any more I should add, but haven't yet? What type of caption would you like to see next?


  1. Love this caption! Really fun and great use of the picture. Good luck with your hurrican preparations. Take care.

  2. @ Linda


    we are currently awaiting the REAL arrival. We've gotten some downpours here, but it probably won't be full-on until early Sunday morning. I hear there are LOTS of power outages, which is what *I* am fearing the most at this point.

  3. Egads! Hurricane season.. Back when katrina hit we were with out power for 3 days and the rain seemed to pour for days! Not as near as bad as many, MANY others, but it was my first time being caught up in a hurricane and it wasn't much fun.

    I wouldn't have minded the rain it self, but with out power and a dog of ours that was sick. plus my mom's health as it was, you can imagine a power outage is the last thing we needed. (some of her equipment needs to be plugged in)

    I wish you luck dee with you and yours!

    And Terri Mentia, is that Greek?