Monday, August 29, 2011

Its not Rogaine ... more like Whoa-gaine!

Just a nice little quickie for Elle-Jae, who joined the Haven a few months ago, and seems to be enjoying herself, especially making captions. I try to be more vague and ethereal when making captions for people I don't know too well. Its not in the actual caption, but its pretty much determined that L.J. got the Whoa-gaine from some weird guy in a bathrobe down at the mall. I think that any time a product delivers on its promise, it should be commended. If you find a bottle, please send some my way!

We made it through the hurricane ok, though the landlord has to put on a new roof. Luckily it isn't suppose to rain this week, and he'll be doing it on Saturday. We only have about 30 percent of the roofing tiles still on top our our building. The island that I work on had its main electric transmitter break, and they needed a crane among other things to get power up and running again, so I got to work from home. The power should be restored to all the places on the island by tomorrow evening though. Hope everyone out there reading had only good experiences during the hurricane.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Have you found any products with claims, advertising, or what-have-you that seems to be something more TG or transformational than what it actually is? I recall making a caption for a "magic bra" but I'm not sure what others I've done (perhaps a 'Dee Dive into the Archive' is in order?) The commercials that I love are the fitness ones, that show a woman working out with tight abs and kicking breasts, and they ask, "wouldn't you LOVE to have a body like this by the time Summer rolls around?" ... like they are going to get an argument like that from my blog readers!

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