Friday, July 22, 2011

If Only CURVES Actually Worked This Way!

This is another caption from that little 90 minute captioning jag I talked about in the "Reschedule That Meeting" blog post. I was having a bit of trouble making a caption for SP2000, since Kelly doesn't really want a permanent change, just temporary. I was trying to think of how I could pull it off when I stopped on this picture, a really hot chubby girl. From there, it just hit me that a body swap would be a great way to make it work AND Kelly would be able to "control" how long she'd be in that body. After that, it took a few minutes to whip up the text. Of course, I needed some sort of hook so I used the curves line at the end. For those not from the USA, there is an exercise place for women called CURVES, which caters to larger women looking for a place where they won't be embarrassed or harassed like in a normal gym.

I got the power supply installed last night I LOVE IT! So many connectors with all the wiring wrapped in this like black mesh-like latex stuff so it is dark in the case. Much better than the one I had it in before (which had a surprising lack of molex connectors and not even ONE PCI-E connector for my video card. Got a really good deal on it through Newegg, where it was a Shell Shocker for 35 bucks, regularly 70 dollars with free shipping. I had it 24 hours after I ordered it. Amazing! Supposedly its green technology, though I could care less. I got it because it was a reliable 520w Antec power supply. Now, I'm itching to build the rest of a new system around this wondrous piece of machinery.

Anyway, its been so hot in that room that I haven't stress tested the system yet to see if anything else was taken out of commission by the failure of the old power supply. I ran it with a normal load in a hot room for 30 minutes last night, so that is a start. Hopefully I can max it out later this weekend. I should be floating about though for those that need of my services.

Please feel free to post comments in any of the previous posts as well. I am not sure that I'll have time to put up another caption blog post, but I will try to keep multiple discussion comments alive if people wish to bring them up.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When it comes to BBW TG captions, do you prefer punishment captions, or do you like it when its fair and balanced, and not just for ridicule? I guess it could come down to whether the caption is based in more of a real cross-dressing style or more of a "POOF you are now a big boned woman".  Do you dismiss BBW TG captions out of hand as soon as you see them, or will you at least read them to see if it is a good caption?


  1. Thanks again for putting so much consideration into this. Its a real good caption. Very nicely done!

  2. I haven't really seen many of them but I will always give them a read as with most subjects.

  3. As long as the woman in the picture is not obese, so really really fat, then I'll always have a look. I love the idea of suddenly facing life with a completely different body and that also includes women like you used in this cap.
    I'm pretty tall and atheletic in real life, so at first (depends on the situation though) it would definitely be a punishment, but also an interesting situation since I love thinking about how I'll handle that.
    It's the same with much older or younger women. Thick or thin women ... black, latin, asian or white women ...
    I like these "Poof, you are a (big) woman now, and now try to live that new life."
    That story is really great, since I also wouldn't want to be a woman forever ... so it would be an interesting challenge. :)


  4. Sounds like you have a good power supply to base a system around. When I rebuilt my system in February I went with a CoolerMaster 700W. Its nice, but I also shelled out $120 for it. But to my credit I was chasing a problem which had a good chance of being power related, so I wanted to get more power than I needed. Considering the new processor and video card I got, 500w was 'required'.

    Good luck on the rest of the system. If you are anything like me, it will be tons of fun shopping around for the best tech/cost ratio, and then setting it up, and then testing it.

    I tend to not enjoy BBW caps. I've made one, but to me it was 'meh' at best. I just don't get the visual thrill out of it. I guess in a way its the same as using an actuall crossdresser for crossdressing caps. I'd rather have the visual appeal, even if it stretches the imagination a little. That being said, I can see where BBW caps would be great for punishment.

    I do tend to dismiss most BBW caps because of this. The exceptions are like this... where an artist that I know and already like makes one.

  5. Sorry I haven't been around like I said I would be this weekend. Its been (a) dreadfully hot in this room for at least 3 days now. Even with the AC, it was 87 in the room at midnight last night. (b) someone here at the house tripped over some wires on Friday and destroyed my LCD monitor and screwed up their knee pretty well. They are going to chip in to get me a new one, so I went out and snagged a really nice 24" 1080 HD Dell that was on sale at Staples. I got a good deal because I had over 50 bucks in Rewards to use. Accidents happen, and luckily she wasn't hurt too bad, other than being really upset that she wrecked my monitor.

    @ Martha

    I had a feeling that you would like it. I think I've done a variation on something like this for you in the past.

    @ Caitlyn

    I figured that 520w would be enough for what i needed, since I wasn't going to be doing any sort of SLI or Crossfire configurations, even with the new system when built.I figure that I'll be building in in the Spring, so I can buy pieces as I go along.

    Yes, I really do enjoy shopping around for the parts, though I usually get everything from either Newegg or Amazon, since they have the best prices. I've built every computer I've owned since ummmm, 1996 I think.

    Nothing like the thrill of buying a processor that is somewhat cheaper and near top of the line, and then overclocking the hell out of it (the E8400 I got to go to 3.8 on just air cooling.) This computer was built in May, 2008, so I am going to wait until the Sandy Bridge mobos have all their issues worked out and probably use a i7 2500k so I can overclock it LIKE A BOSS!

  6. I really do love big beautiful women, and I like captions and stories that include them, whether or not the weight/curviness/obesity is part of the "punishment" or not... it's just part of the image, like this one.

    But I also have to admit I especially enjoy BBW captions where becoming fat(ter) is a punishment itself... like this one.

    Unfortunately, it's hard to find BBW pictures that are of high quality, especially BBWs in bondage or other erotic situations.