Monday, July 25, 2011

Taco Belle .. and AARRGGHH!

Wanted to post something because I haven't posted since Friday. However, when I was leaving work today, either my fuel pump or fuel line let go, soooooo, I had to wait to have it towed to my mechanic. Will find out tomorrow what is wrong (and miss some work as well) but I really don't want to spend any more money on it as I'm currently driving it into the ground. AARRGGHH! At least the tow-truck guy says his sister is selling a jeep, so I'll have to look at it soon (not sure if I have the cash right now, but I need to have stable wheels.) We will see if its good, and perhaps rob Peter to pay Paul.

Hope everyone survived the heat wave and that all your friends and family are doing well. Perhaps I'll have another post on Wednesday. Something else goes wrong (see my reply to the last post) and I could go all LUDDITE on my shit! No manifesto though. I am too much of a geek to give up everything!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What technology in your life could you NEVER give up now no matter what? If you had to give up something, what would it be? Did you ever think when you were young, that technology would come along this far in such a short period of time, and does it give you hope that some of your TG dreams could come true in the near future?


  1. now thats a great taco bell lol

  2. At this point in life, I can't do without my cell phone and my ipod. Those two items have gotten me thru more than I thought possible. Right now my ipods backlight is out and I have to get it fixed some kind of way because I KNOW I'll go stir crazy without it

  3. Heh We have Taco Bell's restaurants over here too (if you can call that a restaurant) ^-^ my brother usually spend a lot of time taking (owning) the soda machine heh heh heh cuz the drinks are freeeeeeeeee once you pay for your taco...

    My diet doesn't let me take on hot and "spicey" stuff such a taco (due to being an opera singer, sore throat problems etc.)

    And as for the other questions...

    Uhmmm just like Simone except for the cell phone I wish they could make them for their real purpose to call nothing else they are an unnerving product.

    Besides with my Ipod and my computer I can do well ^-^

    Cuz life isn't the same without your Ipod stuff
    I know I have converted myself to the Steve Jobs religion >->

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. Sorry to hear that with your car Dee. How about an older Mercedes? We have one in the neighbourhood, for about 1500 €. Those things drive until you crash them.

    And please send something over from your heat. We have alot of wind and rain right now - since days. I finally want to enjoy my free time at the beach etc. I wish we could exchange weather. :-P

    The only thing I'd really miss is the computer. Need it for information, to work with it, to plan things, to stay in contact with people, to check emails etc. etc.
    I could live perfectly without my handy ... It's always pure joy when I am sailing and you don't have to answer the phone.
    Moreover you don't need an overpriced Steve Jobs gadget to listen to music. I have the music player in my smartphone (400 €) which is as good as an ipod + iphone (1000 €)


  5. @ Martha

    Which Ipod are you looking for the one with gold embrodiments? "giggle"

    Mine cost like 250€ or so and it's worth 30 Gigs ^-^...
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  6. I've purposely avoided most/all apple products. In fact, I even got rid of Quicktime!

    My GF has an old Mac Mini that was given to us (the donator figured I would fall in love with Mac's if I just played around with one for an hour or so.) It took me about ummmmm, 20 minutes to want to fling it out a window, so I gave it to my GF. She doesn't mind it, but the fact that there are limited games for her to play on it makes her want a PC.

    Other than that, we are all on Virgin Mobile smartphones (25 dollars a month for 300 minutes of phone time, unlimited data and text) use VOIP for our home phone, and have good MP3/video players that can actually expand with SD cards!

    Steve Jobs has become everything he hated back when he was a young man, phone phreaking with his buddy Woz (BTW, the guy that did all the work) while Jobs was the hype man. I guess THAT hasn't changed.

  7. @ Dementia

    Uggsss Mac I cannot understand why people like it sooooo much, I'm just happy with my Windows XP...Yes Xp don't want yet to go to the 7 experience "giggle"

    The problem with mobiles over here is that the companies lure you with one super cool model and then you have to pay for an over priced cost every call or if by contract then the mobile is better what's worse is the price...

    I still have my unbreakable good old fashioned block style mobile ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  8. Puntastic cap as always Dee! Sorry to hear about the car, and I share your pain. The ventilation system in my car is right now turned to off (no air out of any vent), the AC only blows hot air, and there is a frightening 'thunk' anytime I hit a bump the right way (suspension problems). None of this REQUIRES repair, but as the temps go down, and the windows fog up, I'll need the vent system fixed. Thankfully that can wait until I get my last student loan check.

    Now... technology I could NEVER give up? That would be my desktop computer with an internet connection. It is how I spent 3 out of 4 of my waking hours. Its a no brainer. The net book is nice, but I really can't Photoshop on it effectively, nor can I play games (and am looking to trade it for a nice tablet). The iPod is nice, but I can burn CDs for the car (thats where I use my iPod). Phone? I would gladly give it up.

    That leads me to what I would give up. The damn phone. I don't know when society decided it was proper form to accept a phone call from an unknown caller even if it interrupts a conversation with a known person standing in front of you. Gimme a break and let it go to voicemail.

    I did have dreams of technology being this advanced when I was young. I imagined an electronic butler that would do all of my chores, and play games with me. He may not do many of m chores, but my computer does play plenty of games with me, and even introduces me to new friends. Thinking of TG dreams, I don't know that tech is on the verge of helping that. The one thing that I saw was an on the fly voice changer. That would be nice so that you could have a voice chat enfemme with your girlfriends. But I don't think there is a near time change coming in bodysuits, gender changing nanobots, or anything like that.

  9. The thing i'm pretty eager to see is this:

    Sort of Mass Effect stuff ^-^ On top of that coming soon

    This surely make your nowadays smartphone looks like a weak sissy tech "giggle"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  10. What I would miss most would be my PC and my TV as it's my connetion to the whole world. However I'm not an addict as I survived my past vacation without any cold-turkey syndroms.
    I wouldn't miss my cellphone at all as I hate that you have to be accessible all the time and the blame I'm getting when I'm not responding immediately after I got a message.

    Just like Martha said, I would also love if you could send some of your heat over here. My vacation would surely have been much better if we had gotten some sunny weather instead of that windy and rainy weather we had to endure.


  11. @ Nadine

    I can sent you the hot from Spain to Luxembourg... I think we could deal some days without it ^-^
    I need the winter to come now...checking the temperature 31ºC at 21:49 PM...Holy (insert bad word)! not being able to get a windy night till 3:00 AM damn "giggle"
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  12. I went to reply to this post and then I see all the hate for macs, and well.. I just found this.

    And The title of the post looks so wrong.. Taco bell and aarrgghh.. Taco bell claims another victim.. *giggle* Kidding, I enjoy taco bell. Especially if it offered a value meal like that!

    Tech I couldn't do with out? desktop PC with the internet connection. Hand's down, I can do almost anything from it. Well, I can't warm up my hot pockets with it.. but I'll live if I have to do with out my microwave. It would suck with out the web.

    A tech I would give up? uhh.. well, I guess I would say phone too. I rarely use ours, I prefer emails and yim chat.

    And I think in time there will be some sort of tech to at least achieve some TG dreams. (Come on Virtual Reality!)