Thursday, June 30, 2011

Never Satisfied .. A Guest Birthday Caption!

This comes from Steffie and was posted last night (which was a few hours before my actual birthday) and since its only one panel, I thought it would be perfect to post today, other than how friggin' awesome it is.

The comments section is just about as fun as caption. Here is Steffie's posting and some of the replies ...
I guess it's that time of year when all the little kiddies cower under their beds, virgins clutch the sheets tightly to their throats and Wal-Mart closes early, just in case. No, I'm not talking about Dennis Kucinich's yearly visit to bean town... I'm talking about the anniversary of the birth of the queen of triple sixes herself!

I know I'm a bit early but I wanted to give everyone the heads up so they can all show you how much they care. So get off your butts girls and start's not like Dee turns 666 every year... oh, wait...

from Terri:
Ah, Dee's birthday, I thought I had spotted all the signs and portents. Thunder, lightening, a sale at Hot Topic, the cat suddenly sitting up and looking around before going back to sleep.

from Petra:
Huh, all I saw was butterflies flitting, bunnies hopping, kitties being cute and birds singing. I thought maybe Courtney was coming around, but I guess all the cuteness hustled out of the east coast towards the Midwest in honor of Dee's day of birth.

p.s. Wonderful cap Steffie. I love the layout and the story and the pic and the oh so cute wittle vampire teef. Such an adorable wittle vampire. I just wanna hug her and squeeze her and rub her and pet her.
Wanted to make a final push for 500k today ... we are actually quite close .. something I wasn't sure of yesterday. Please feel free to look at the last few posts and comment. In fact, I would love for some questions to answer for those that ask them.

I am not sure if I'll be posting much over the 3 day weekend. Probably depends on things I have no control over. Keep checking in though and I might have something new!

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