Friday, July 1, 2011

Working Out Isn't Really Working Out for you, huh?

Tatiana has among her preferences listed, "the more manly I act, the more feminine I become" and I felt like I could run with that. I know a few weightlifters / bodybuilders, and they have to be focused to do what they do, but often it becomes like a mania. The amount of substances they have to take, and at what time of day .. the repetitions of each amount of weight, and a focus on very detailed spots of their body.

Something tells me they would make great women, because you could really turn those traits around into diets, clothing, fashion designers, etc .. without much difficulty. The prize is looking good, depending on a somewhat pre-designed set of rules.

This obsession is definitely annoying for those that are not into it, and to outsiders, it seems more like narcissistic behavior. The self-centered nature of the hobby makes romantic partners take notice, and I would think that if magic existed, THIS situation would be happening daily throughout the world!

I don't think I even scratched the surface of what could be made with this caption. I am pretty sure the picture was from a set (I only had 2 pictures) so if I had more, it could have been a multi-panel caption easily. Perhaps I will revisit the concept of this again soon, provided I find a good photo set of a hot chick working out. I still owe a few people, and there are many I haven't captioned in awhile. I can think of a few that would probably enjoy it.

I have a few things in mind for topics (in ways to make captions look better and more polished) coming after the long weekend is over. I would still like to see some questions from the peanut gallery to flesh things out.

Have a great long weekend if you are in the US, and be safe! If you are out of the country, enjoy yourself!

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  1. Thought i would cum down the bottom (tee hee)in my zero post quest.
    glad to see he is undaunted by his change but he might want to watch his figure as to much working out well destroy his new bust. would be a shame to waste all the low cut tops he might buy.