Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Answers? I Want Questions!

Well, since I have been quite busy and with other things going on, I've been mostly whipping up discussion questions on the fly that sort of fit in with whatever caption I've been posting. I usually try to have some forethought in what I am posting with a decent discussion topic already in mind. I haven't had that luxury in the last few weeks.

So, I am opening up the floor to questions at large, especially if it is in regards to some sort of captioning issue that you might have had. Other questions are welcome as well, but I noticed (and have had a few people ask me questions recently about fonts and other more basic issues) I have sort of drifted away a bit from the concrete things and moved into more abstract ideas. I figured that this is where the readers and especially the comment crew were at. They tend to be captioners as well, and I wanted to focus on keeping the discussions fruitful.

However, I started this blog to reach out to all levels. If you are just a lurker, but would like to give TG captioning a shot, post here about what the biggest block has been so far as to why you haven't made something yet.

Lastly, if there is a caption I've done for you and would like to know a bit more about it (and if I can remember creating it!) you can let me know which one it is and maybe I'll whip up something in a future posting.

Blog Stats: Hoping to hit 500k posts by July 1. This is my 102nd post since I started almost a year ago.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Well, I think you need to read the above post again then huh? There are lots of different things you can comment about!


  1. 500k by July 1st 2050, or are you just going to be posting a TON of filler over the next few days? :p

  2. Grace should enjoy her more athletic look and realize she will have less back problems and here breast are perfect for a mouth to completely cover. I would love to have her body.

  3. @ Rachel

    You are SUCH a brat! If I have a good day here on my birthday, I might hit 500K on June 30th of THIS year.

    @ Alexia

    I think she'd be better off with a bathing suit that wasn't yellow. Other than that, I think they aren't too bad.