Tuesday, March 8, 2011

EXPECTING certain captions with pregnant pause!

This was inspired by a formspring question that so eloquently asked, "pregnant" ... No, I am not, and to be honest I've actually lost a few pounds since Christmas. I can only assume that they thought the box was where you could search through the posts?

I don't recall posting any pregnancy captions yet, so this seems like as good a time as any to do a few.

The one above is pretty consistent with the one style of caption I love to do ... a change has been made, and the person is relatively aware of what happened, but still has a compulsion to act, even when they know it is wrong, or not a good time to do the act. I enjoy that theme, and I think that many others feel the same way, so I will likely keep making captions like that one.

This next one is also a standard style of caption. I think it is called "the rule of 3" where you state something, then elaborate on it, THEN you put a topper to wrap it all up. It is use especially in comedy, and though this caption isn't funny, it is sort of set up like a joke. First you have the setup, then the action which takes the setup and reverses it, keeping him pregnant for awhile. After that, I set up the mechanism that will trap him in this way of life for a longer period of time (breast feeding, and an exaggerated version at that!) THEN I lower the boom, and make it so that it really doesn't matter, because there is no way out.

One of the side benefits of this caption is that I went against the whole "trapped if pregnant" theme that seems to pervade TG stories and captions (the addendum seems to be the dreaded "trapped by sperm" clause) so anytime you can subvert one of the cliches, I am all for it. I have nothing personally against cliches, if they can at least be expanded upon, but it can be a path to "the dark side" so to speak of laziness in captioning. Short cuts are one thing, laziness is certainly another!

Anyway, I don't think I am anything special when it comes to making pregnancy captions. Maybe it is that I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't mind them necessarily, but I find they seem to be much more cliched than some of the other genres of TG captions. I rate them around the same location as Maid captions. It is always exciting when a captioner can take these topics and make something fresh and interesting.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For those that do like pregnancy TG captions, What is it that makes you enjoy them? Is it that it is the ultimate act of femininity, something that no man can do? The chance to be a stay and home mother? A breastfeeding fetish? There are no wrong answers here either. I would like to understand it a little better, and possibly make my future captions in this genre more appealing to their recipients.


  1. These are great. For me, the pregnancy idea is so appealing because it is so inescapably feminine. It is the most womanly thing that can be done. It even makes you more feminine - you get pregnant and your boobs grow and your skin gets softer and everyone tells you that you look gorgeous and you're glowing. And it really emphasizes that feminine submissiveness and vulnerability.

    Plus there's the whole thing of you carrying another man's child. Some man has put his semen inside you and you bear the evidence of that for 9 months.

  2. I think I agree with a lot of what anonymous said.

    First, it's that which is supremely feminine. There is no way that a man can do what a woman does while pregnant, no matter how much make up or surgery he uses. One can almost say that it's the defining act of femininity.

    Second, I have a fetish for pregnant women. I find their appearance to be the pinnacle of female sensuality. No shape in nature is more aesthetically pleasing, nor more sensually arousing, as a pregnant belly. Plus the shape of a pregnant woman is ultimately feminine. There's no mistaking a pregnant woman for a man. Thus I would love to become what I desire.

    Third, I think a lot of us have a transformation fetish. Well, pregnancy continues to transform us. We have the initial transformation of becoming female and then the subsequent transformation of becoming Super-female.

    Fourth, there is the weird combination of submission and power. On the one hand you are in a "delicate condition." You can no longer walk as you once did...you're pinned down. Your body is out of your control; it's been taken over. I love mixing pregnancy and age regresssion in TG, since it furthers the weakness aspect. Yet you have the supreme generative power (see section 1).

    Related to that, everyone treats you differently when you're pregnant. I think that could be really cool, but a little humiliating (maybe in a good way) at the same time.

    Finally, pregnant women have a connection with their passengers that is unlike anything a man will ever experience. It grants new meaning. That's something to be envied.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you to Anonymous and Gavidophile for taking a few minutes to give input into something I wasn't quite sure I understood.

    I KNOW that this post was popular, as in 3 days this blog increased membership by 10 percent!

    Even better, captioners will see these "confessions" and be able to steer their captions more towards the things mentioned. Hopefully this will lead to even better pregnancy captions in the future!

  4. I also want to thank Anonymous and Gavidophile!

    I had never really looked at pregnancy as all that feminine before. It makes sense to, as you both bring up great points... but I never connected the dots myself.

    With just that input, I now feel that I can make a pregnancy cap. So again, Thank You!

  5. I'm so glad I could help! What's really funny is that I'm not at all interested in having sex with a man, and I'm far more interested in being pregnant than being a mother.

    So what kind of stuff do I like? My dream job is being a surrogate mother. Thus being artificially inseminated and then giving the baby to a family that really wants it.

    I also love pregnant revenge caps. Nothing is better than a man being rude to a pregnant woman and then finding himself being made into one himself. A "love them and leave them" guy who finds that the child who he conceived inside of him can be fun too.

    Badly worded wishes are good for a laugh. So are men who misuse or accidentally come in contact with a fertility charm/idol/pill.

    Oh, and seeing the Medallion of Zulo used on a maternity outfit would be great!

    Two other aspects I'd like to see in pregnancy caps:
    1. More Lesbianism. Just because the wife wants hubby to carry the baby, doesn't mean she wants to be a man. (this is a personal preference of mine. Just don't find men attractive)

    2. Age Regression. Maybe I'm getting older, but I'd love to be shrunk down to a cast member of "16 and Pregnant"

    One last thing: detail is king, i mean queen. Give lots of little touches that are idiosyncratic to being pregnant. It makes the cap more real and the situation all the more alien.

    Hope that helps too! I expect to see some good prego caps soon. Also, if you want to share my insights, feel free to repost!

  6. For me pregnancy is the ultimate in femininity. Carrying a child can also be the biggest acceptance of your new role after being transformed into a woman after all nothing is further from being a man than becoming a mother.

    I’m quite partial to someone being transformed after being insensitive to his pregnant partner. Dealing with the pregnancy whether or not they are changed back in the end should give them a new understanding of their partner.

    Some of my favourite cap ideas deal where the transformed is gradually giving in to their body’s desires before they fall pregnant. It can be used to humiliate if they have a mental conflict ‘How can you claim to still be a man after you’ve been impregnated’.

  7. I had to comment eventhough this is a very old post.
    I like pregnacy captions for two resons.

    Number one.
    I like Gravidophile, enjoy the sight of a woman carrying a child.

    The second is it is rather Fruedion of me. As he said I do belive that women have peinis envey. However one of his students (a woman) came up with the therory of womb envey. I do belive that both Frued and his student were correct.