Saturday, March 5, 2011

Euphoria *blink* Cognizance *blink* Euphoria!

I posted this one for Sissytif about 2 years ago, and I'm sure I'll be posting another one I made for her (that one is probably in my top 5 favorite captions I've ever made!) because not only does she have wonderful preferences, but she comments often, and it makes me feel the need to reward her for that.

Looking at it, this is quite the evil caption. The facial expression is what drives the storyline. That moment of realization, reliving what had been done to her, the repulsion at the same moment of an orgasmic rush of emotions: all wrapped up in that facial expression. Then the blink, and its back to normal as a slutty bimbo, looking for the next score.

This discussion was inspired by a posting that Jennifer had last night, dealing with a blowjob caption and a question from the peanut gallery about why she likes the taste of spooge so much. She (and Caitlyn) talked about not really like it in real life, but for fantasies, it was a big one for both. I put my two cents into the comment section with the following:
I would assume for your fantasies (both Caitlyn and Jennifer) that its an ultimate act of submission. Taking something as manly as another guy's seed, and swallowing it (even worse if you are getting it directly from the source) is probably the most submissive thing you could do.
Of course, I was referring only to a transformed man into woman (or someone turned into a she-male) having to submit to another man. I am trying to think of anything that would be more (1) submissive, and (2) emasculating, in a TG caption. You can remove a man's power and he could still have some personal dignity, but sucking a guy off would HAVE to be the ultimate token of submission, wouldn't it?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Here is where the visitors of my blog come in! What do you think is the most submissive act that could be put into TG caption? There are no wrong answers, as personal opinions will vary I am sure. Hopefully I will get enough answers in here to make a caption or two. Give a good enough comment, and perhaps that caption will have YOU as the STAR! I am betting there are at least a FEW readers that would love to be in Aaron's position up above! What submissive act is the ULTIMATE crowning glory?


  1. Great topic Dee. I followed up your comment on Jennifer's blog with one of my own. I'll try not to rehash that here.

    But your wording here made me refocus my thinking a bit. I mentioned that I am more into the humiliation of the act of submitting, rather than the submission itself. But when I put those thoughts out in the air, I realize that submitting IS humiliating to me. With that thought in mind, I think the most submissive act is to perform any submissive act as if you were enjoying it, while inwardly hating and being humiliated by it. The direct submissive act isn't as important as the performance.

    For instance giving a BJ (in the sense used here... as a transformed man) is submissive, but the degree is important. You can submit to a man tying you down, putting a ring gag in your mouth as he pumps in and out. But it's not as emasculating. You are just an orifice for his cock to use. But if you are to truly submit, you have to not only perform the act, but give the outward impression of loving it. Now if you get pleasure from this act, its not nearly as submissive or emasculating as if you get no pleasure out of it. You are truly submitting to this man's desire of having a happy cum crazy woman.

    But even this can get more submissive. When you are performing this act on your 'master', both you and he knows what is going on. Now if you were to perform a similar act on an unsuspecting stranger,you are actively trying to convince someone that you are a woman. You must actively deny all of your natural instincts and replace them with what you master wants you to be. The actual act can be as simple as a slow dance, or a long soulful kiss, or as devious as a BJ or intercourse. But you can't slip. You can't let your true feelings of displeasure, and humiliation out at all.

    And a step further... make this stranger someone that you know. A close friend.

    I think to do that, you have to submit completely. You must accept your masters will over your own.

    I realize that this may seem like splitting hairs, but I see it as a big difference. In the cap you used with this post, Aaron isn't really submitting. He doesn't like it, and he is doing this act unwillingly. He doesn't have ropes tying him down, but he is nonetheless bound. His will has been forced out of the picture. To really submit, Aaron has to be the one putting his own will to the side. Don't get me wrong.. I really like the cap. But just being forced to give a blow job to me isn't really submission.

  2. @ Caitlyn

    Well, it wasn't necessarily THIS caption that I was referring to when it came to the ultimate submission. I posted it more as an accompaniment to the discussion mentioned on Jennifer's blog.

    You did get what I was referring to, the humiliation involved in submitting, and specifically to another male. I probably did not put it as clearly as I should have.

    I would posit that submitting and enjoying it would not necessarily be as humiliating as submitting it, and knowing that you shouldn't be enjoying it yet loving it in spire of that knowledge. Possibly worse still would be finding out that you are addicted to that feeling.

  3. The most submissive act you can put in a TG caption? Well, that depends. A blowjob and then swallowing your masters cum is very submissive, It could be the most submissive thing you will ever do. But there's a few other things that could be just as submissive.

    There's of course giving your self up physically to your Master.
    In a tg caption that could mean anal or just regular intercourse Depending on how far the TF goes. If it's forced and the person is a full blown girl, then I think anal would be the most humiliating forced act of submission that could be done. He takes away your manhood, replaces it with new wet slit, and then takes you up the rear, he could have done that before just as easily, but now it's just to prove a point. your his and even though you have the proper equipment, he can take you anyway he wants!

    There's also just submitting and following their every whim, no matter what it does to your reputation. If your master (or Mistress) asks you to visit a few friends and then give your submission to them, then your also submitting to your Master. Despite your humiliation, you have to have to submit and complete your Master's wish. Maybe you have to suck off one of your best friends while your Master watch's.

    Of course, I think a facial can be a very submissive thing to do. your Master is essentially marking you as his property, maybe he forces your to wear it as a sign he owns you, or you have to clean your self up after the little act of submission.

    Maybe it's a Mistress in the caption instead. She could have sex with a man and then ask you to clean up after the mess. You would have to swallow your pride as you swallow some other stuff...

    I could probably come up with what could possibly be the most submissive thing you could do in a caption all day long. But, for me it depends on the caption, the situation you find your self in and the way your Master or Mistress presents the act in story.

    I think in a caption you can be trained to submit fully. you may have started out unwilling and hated every bit of it, but now your the perfect pet for your Master. Willing to submit to him at the drop of a hat! It might not be true submission, but at this point your conditioned to submit. It becomes a natural reaction, no matter how much you despised it, it's now something you can't help.

  4. @ Jennifer

    I knew you'd come up with some good ones.

    I had thought about the "in the butt" possibility. I just figured that the mouth is a much more personal thing for people, as it many more purposes than the anal cavity. Also, if the master is taking your innocence in the ass, you aren't necessarily looking at it as close up as if he's over you, and spewing directly onto your face.

    @ everyone

    The reputation one might be what I go with. Being paraded in front of everyone you know, and showing your submission that way COULD be the worst thing, if you throw in my suggestion of oral on that master in front of everyone you know.

    Anyone got something worse?

  5. @ Dee

    Worse? Oh yeah, I have worse! Heheh..

    How about you and your new master meets your friends at a usual hang out, familiar friends, familiar setting, and now the not so familiar Master barking orders at his new slave. Maybe the master orders you, after revealing to the group who you are, to pleasure a few friends. Public blowjob's, facials, and A.T.M.'s are you reward for following Masters orders and being forced to submit to his will. When you walk out of the bar with cum cooling in every orifice, and even drying on your face and inner thigh, I think that would be very humiliating and (forced) submissive.

    And thank you Dee. ^_^ I think the mouth is more personal, but if the reason he's taking you anally is because you used to be a guy and now your his slut, It's more of a show of power.

    Of course he could do the same thing as your slobbering on his knob and talking down to you to help drive that point home. "Bet you didn't get to many of these before, huh? Well, you will be giving plenty of them from now on." "How's a real man taste, huh sugar?" "oh yeah.. you were born to suck cock.. Heh, you really know what a guy likes." Etc.

  6. I was thinking about this post for a lot longer than I thought I would. And I've come to something... I am still putting humiliation before submission. The examples I gave I believe are some of the most humiliating things I could do to submit to another man. But they are not the most submissive thing I could do.

    The most submissive thing I could do, would be to completely and utterly out that new feminine person to my family. Now I'm not a cross dresser (although I've considering giving that another try). I am not 'into' men. I am not even into submission. But if I were, and I performed a blow job on my Master, well that is between him and I. I could always end the relationship, or lead a split life (like I do now online).

    I were to perform on a stranger, it wouldn't affect my 'real life' one little bit. If I were to perform on a friend with him knowing who I am, then that friendship is over (and if we follow this like a TG story, he becomes my part time boyfriend). But I could still 'end' that relationship and go back to my 'real life'.

    The one thing that I cannot separate from my real life is my family. They are the core of my life. Knowing them like I do, I think coming out to them like that, all dressed up, perfumed and pretty, admitting that I am a man's bitch now.... well I give it an 80/20 of ending the relationship with my family. And that would be ending my 'real life' and accepting my master's desires above my own.

    Right here and now, I can stand firm and say that it will never happen. So for it TO happen would require a true submission of the body, mind and soul. It doesn't have to involve any sex, or even direct humiliation. It would just be me performing the ultimate act of submission.

    Now I don't think that scenario would make a good TG cap (For that lets go back to just about anything Jennifer said *wink*). I just had to put out what I really think is the most submissive act that I could do.