Sunday, May 19, 2024

Gotta Get Them All Filled!

Hmmm, just like the poke-the-ex-man would like you too do!

Nice little quickie for a Sunday night posting. I was in the mood to make a caption, and went online. Saw a model with a HUGE dildo that she was trying to get into her vajayjay, and she was not even really making a dent at all. The idea came to me then. of some master turning an acquaintance into a female, and she'd remain that way until she could take his cock deeply via mouth, anal and the standard way .. and once a week, he'd test her out to see if she could win her freedom back.

And .. I figured that the point of the caption would be that the master is taunting the woman, like "you're never going to be a man again if you put this little of effort to take all of me .. I am so much larger than you when you were a male" etc .. but I saw this image and thought, hmmmm, she's giving it a good go, but .. is she really trying, or is there an ulterior motive for NOT succeeding?

So, then it was just filling in the details. I'm still not sure if I overwrote the damn thing, but I'll stand by it. Hope you enjoyed it .. and keep coming back for more because you can't get enough of Dee!

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  1. All of them are sick? Or are some of them disappearing for other reason? I'd hate to think we are losing authors to illnesses :(