Saturday, October 1, 2022

Charles Needs a New iPhone Pronto!

Trying to get out of my funk by making a new caption .. which I did, and you'll be reading it inside!

Made this for Crow, who is an inactive caption trader at the Haven .. but she recently commented on a caption I made for Terri, and I thought that perhaps that was worth a reward. Don't you agree?

So I found this photo, and I thought it'd work well, but to be honest, the cell phone was pretty obsolete, and I remembered that yet another iteration of the iPhone is coming out soon, or perhaps is already out .. I tend to not buy anything from Apple, so I'm just assuming that there will be a BUNCH of people rushing out to buy one.

Not everyone updates all the time though,  and there are plenty of tech stragglers that are using 5-6 year old phones. That was my hook for this caption. Perhaps the security updates expired a few years ago, and all new techniques in spam and pop-up ads are becoming prevalent. Hell, I've had my phone for 7 months now, and the model was about 15 months into service when I bought it, and I think I there has been 2 major releases and a minor version update since! 

Anyway, so that is how this caption came to be. For once, I am NOT the reason behind all the changes, but I do get to take advantage of the situation. I get to be a mistress AND a corsetier .. how chic is that?

Let me know what sort of phone you use, and how old it is. Any things about your mobile devices that might lend themselves to a TG caption in the future? And how are you viewing this blog, through a cell, a tablet, a laptop or an actual desktop computer? During free-time, at work, or while waiting in line at the store? Hey, if a sexy woman sees you like my stuff, you MIGHT just get yourself into a scenario like I write about!

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