Friday, September 23, 2022

Fill in the Blank .. Literally! You Finish the Caption!

Here's your chance to write a "stinger" for the end of one of Dee's TG captions! Spread it around .. like legs!

It's pretty simple. I laid down a fairly coherent quickie caption that is well within the parameters of TG tropes, and all you need to do is put the cherry on top, so to speak, by writing the ending at the bottom!

I wouldn't suggest more than 15-20 words, but that is what makes it a "stinger" or "zinger". I have it set up for the transformed Brad to have the final say, but if you'd like Trent to say something out loud to her, you may certainly do so .. just let me know who's doing the talking so I can designate the words with the right color association.

Can you do a quick dialog between them? Yes you can! But it better be like 8-10 words each so that everything is still formatted correctly.

I'll take everyone's responses by next Tuesday or so .. and then post them all sometimes towards the end of next week. One entry per person though, OK? That way, you'll submit (to me!) what you think is your very best!


  1. Well, they are geeks, so...

    Trent; (to himself) "No, I can do it! Pop our cherries for all geeks everywhere! Now, to boldly cum where no man has cum before!"

  2. Wish he would hurry up I'm almost ready to relieve myself. Just think of him ohhhhh, to late.

  3. Trent! I am in need!
    If you cannot fill me, I will find someone who can.
    OMG! Your tongue is bigger than your pecker.

  4. Damn it Trent, how often do you get a chance to fuck a beautiful girl and pop her cherry? I'm spread eagle, wet and horny as all hell waiting for you. If you don't get that dick inside me, the whole team will hear what a pussy wimp you are. And you better make me cum several time!!!!! Zoe
    after Trent finally made a woman out of Brad, he read in the book if he received cum inside him, he most likely would remain a female!!!!! Wow, some people have it really good!! Beautiful and stays female!!!