Monday, May 2, 2022

From Spread Formation to .. Spreading Our Legs!

To be a world class athlete, you need to develop your body .. and take LOTS of showers!

I honestly had no idea what to title this caption, but  I know I had my tongue firmly in cheek when I was writing this caption!

This is a quickie caption. I saw the image, and with the NFL draft concluding on Saturday night, and Bruins and Celtics in the playoffs .. and the Red Sox sucking! .. I definitely had sports on my mind.

And there's been a lot of debates recently about NIL in college (the ability for 'amateur' athletes to be able to market themselves and make money doing it, potentially LOTS of money!) and major leagues allowing gambling companies to market the game itself to increase the bottom line .. and the states in New England have been debating legalized gambling as well, especially with the availability of sports book phone apps.

So I figured, "why not be topical and current!" and started working my way thought the story on the fly. Then I got about halfway done, finishing up the 3rd paragraph .. and I sort of went, "so what exactly is the point of all this?" and just sat staring at he computer monitor for 2-3 minutes. I didn't have an idea how to finish it, and I wasn't even sure I had actually STARTED anything! Then I said, "well, what if at least one of the athletes WANTED to be changed in a female?" and that started the mind cranking forward.

And I leaned into what I thought was a lack of imagination in starting this caption anyway. "Might as well mock myself and lots of other TG captioners for their gung ho reasoning of, 'well, we are going to change a guy into a girl because .. why else would you be even coming to my blog?!?"!" That gave me the 4th paragraph, and what I feel is the turning point from where I loathed what I was making to where I think I at least salvaged it.

From there, I just had to finish off the caption to a satisfying conclusion, with a zinger. Which I did .. 

But as you can see from the fact that the above caption isn't exactly what I posted at the top, it's now obvious that I have changed it once again. I started writing this post up, and was laying out creative decisions that I had made, and I knew that it was an older person telling a story to someone much younger. It just hit me that some youngsters were wondering why grandma had awards for being in the men's football, basketball, wrestling and hockey team. I really needed to pin down a few of those elements a bit more, so I changed the last 2 paragraphs to make it more of a revelation to both the grandkids AND the readers. Hopefully that worked for you too!

I even thought about titling something on the top of the photo, like "Tell Me About the Old Days, Grandma." but that might give away more than I wanted to right away .. and it's still not implied that it's a grandmother talking at all, even in the end. But, I'll have to accept it, because I think I'm actually happy enough with it now, after being meh for much of it's creation today.

So, what do you all think about it? Really interested in your opinions. I'm hoping I brought something a bit more than a hack TG concept and put at least a bit of a spin on it.

Why not? I just heard that Naomi Judd died yesterday, and it fits in with my topic.