Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Every Morning Is Just the Same Old Dull Routine .. Or Is It?

Think about this caption the next time you say to the barber or waitress, "I'll have the usual."

Well, I wanted to post something tonight, and I had seen this picture recently on a photo site, and it made me think back to this caption I made in 2016. No one commented on it, so it really might be new to you! Also, we haven't seen Ron make a caption in a few years. I thought something happened to him, but I see that his account had been signed into this January. Hopefully he is ok.

Here is what I said almost 6 years ago!

Made this caption for Ron (Rmp42661) who has been a member of the Haven for what seems like forever, and before that, was known on Yahoo for making captions with their titles coming from classic rock songs. For instance, he's made captions for every song on the Eagle's Greatest Hits and Led Zeppelin IV, so it's fun to see what exactly the title "The Battle for Evermore" generates when thrown into the TG caption creation motion.

Ron tends to like "women in men's clothing" photos, which is a much bigger collection of picture selection than one would think .. I've come across hundreds, and the best I usually save so I can use them for him. This one just happened to be in a random set I was looking through in regards to pantyhose and nylons. Since I had some time to work on it, I put it into a caption setting and the first line came right to me, "You know I want three eggs, bacon and toast." due to the muffin she was eating. Obviously, if he were still a man, he'd have something more substantial! From there, I just had to write down what was happening in the picture, and wrap it up without going on too long.

As per what I said in the original posting (on the Haven):
This time I wanted it to be a caption set DURING the actual transformation, and this photo was very conducive to making that happen. I had to try to make sure I didn't overwrite it ... Just part of the fun of taking something mundane and ordinary and making it special. Hope you enjoy!
 As I was finishing it, I sensed that Dee wasn't really happy about the change in her husband everyday, but the salary was too good to pass up. How could I fix that? Well, if the government in the caption gives you TG lemons, make TG lemon meringue! Then we both get to have some fun!

What do you think it'd be like if this was to happen to you .. or perhaps more so if you saw a friend or family member go through this? I am sure I'd find it amusing, at least at first .. though I'm wondering if it'd be old hat after awhile. During the pandemic, it'd have been interesting too, with all that time at home, on Zoom. Wonder how you get hired for a job like this? 

Got to see Weird Al the other day. Lots of fun as always, and it was another tour where he did mostly original songs. His band is SO TIGHT. Had a complete blast. Looking forward to seeing more concerts, especially when I can go without wearing a mask.


  1. I love that Weird Al cover!! And a great caption, but you surely knew that!

    1. Nearly forgot: Kirsten Schaal - potential transition goals?

    2. Can you be quirky and awkward, but also geeky cute? Then maybe you could be Kirsten Schaal. But better to be yourself!

      PS. That Weird Al video was done in one take, no camera cuts. They did it 5 times I think in all, and chose the best one.

    3. One take goodness! Not a missed moment!

      Schaal and Gyllenhall I'd like to think are my spirit animals. If I can ever emote half as well as them...