Thursday, April 28, 2022

Just Because You THINK You Are Thinking The Same Thing ...

.. doesn't mean you are speaking the same language, or compatible in your through processes!

I've had this photo saved for a bit of time now (July of 2021) and I knew it was a great picture, with a wonderful body .. but really hadn't thought of anything to put with it. I went through some files that I saved this evening, and that "wonderful body" ponderance hit me again, to the point where I thought, "who WOULDN'T want a body like that?"

And, I've had quite a few women tell me, "I want you inside of me!" and I'd be lying if the idea / hook of this caption hadn't crossed my mind, which I wonder if that's a thought that many of you have also contemplated whilst in a state of passion. "Oh yes, I WANT YOUR BODY!" has been known to come out of my lips too, but differently that she what her brain would process my demand, which in my case was more of a wish!

I definitely enjoy what always happens while we are in the realms of passionate embrace, but it would probably be infinitely more fulfilling to feel it all from inside the other body that is oh so close to mine. Not sure I'd want to stay in her body for more than a few days afterwards though. Nothing longer than a week, I promise! LOL

So there you go. A quickie that came out of a process of doing a quick slide though one of my picture directories on the hard drive, that hopefully will give everyone a bit of a vacation from your own reality. Enjoy! You've definitely earned it. Let me know what sorts of fantasies like this one have been borne from even a smidgen or real life that you stored for later use to adapt and elaborate upon when you had some free time for yourself.

"'Cause I want your body, all the time ..."

That is definitely a body that you could feel at home in for a bit. Damn, she was so hot in the 80's!
And back when pop songs still had guitar solos in them. And she was good friends with Lemmy from Motorhead, dated Paul Stanley from Kiss, and lived up the street from Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest.


  1. Just wish women would verbalize "I want you inside of me know" or be like this sweetie and lay spread eagle on the bed. No time for game playing. Zoe

    1. As long as the communication is there, I can't see any issues cropping up!

  2. It would be wonderful to switch at the moment of penetration....just to feel what she feels....Although I'm skeptical that women feel the same way....
    I recognize that I have a biased opinion but I've asked a couple of women if they ever wondered what it would feel like to be on the other wife said she'd probably be curious to try it once and our friend Stacy said she enjoys fucking men with her strap-on ....but she wouldn't want to be the man....

    1. Certainly understand that and .. WELCOME BACK!!

      Missed you so fucking much! Don't do that again! EVER! LOL

      Give Mrs. K an extra hug for me please. Pretty sure she wasn't looking at my posts, but I definitely had my community out there sacrificing goats and all that for you to get better!

  3. But doesn't every cis guy totally think like that all the time? You mean some people use sex other than an excuse to swap bodies? Weird.

    I remember Samantha Fox very well too. Very much the pin up in the UK back in the 80s. I even had that song on the ipod for a while

    1. Oh, if I could have swapped every time I had sex! Damn! I wish!

      Samantha Fox .. MMmmmm. Love her accent in Naughty Girls Need Love Too! I believe she's a lesbian now. Unfortunately she lost her wife in 2015. I think she's marrying another woman sometime this year. So glad she's happy again.