Thursday, March 31, 2022

Wedding Day Jitters, Multiplied!

Sometimes it pays to be gullible. I mean, what did he think was going to happen?  Stupid like a fox!

I saw this picture and thought it'd be fun to write up a wedding caption, but focus on the wedding day jitters that I'm sure most people have gone through if they've ever gotten married. And from there, wacky hijinks ensues! I really should have been a sitcom writer I think, don't you agree? 

Anyway,  I really leaned into the overall weirdness of it all. I mean, we all have those TG fiction / caption settings that are tried and true, but why would our protagonist decide to skip out on her wedding day in the way this caption is set up? Other than she was being forced to do it .. "oh honey! I'm sure you'll get used to being his housewife over time. I mean, I settled for your dad, and I have a fairly comfortable life." Maybe you can come up with some other reasoning .. which you can leave in the comment section.

But it does place those of us that visit this site that WANTS to be a bride some much needed wish fulfillment, and there's nothing wrong with that! I do wonder what exactly gets your fancy tickled about being a bride? Is it the outfit, the pampering beforehand, the adoration of being the center of feminine attention, the honeymoon night .. please give us some insight below so I might be able to make some more bridal / wedding captions that connect with all of you.

I have about 8-9 more captions that I haven't posted here yet, so it's nice to stay ahead of things, where I can pick and choose which ones get posted and when. It's not a luxury I always have, but it does make the writeups easier to work on, since I don't HAVE to post something just because it's the only thing I have completed. It very much came in handy last week, where I had an emotional roller coaster to ride out. Maybe all these captions aren't the best, but like New England weather, if you don't like the caption I posted, wait a little while, and you'll see something totally different!

We shall see if I have anything posted on Saturday night or Sunday. I am working on my taxes (finally, after working on a bunch of other people's taxes!) and perhaps going away for the weekend. If not, have a wonderful end of the week, and I'll catch up with you Sunday night or Monday!


  1. Fun caption. Love the irony.
    Another classy music choice.
    I can see the attraction of the pampering and center of attention on the bride on the wedding day. Though I am not a fan of being married itself, it's an outdated show though the deeper side is good, a proper meaningful sharing loving relationship.

    1. I never got married, even though I was with my forever person for 20 years. She had been divorced once and figured that being married once was enough.

  2. Dee, I have worked in wedding planning before (and have a week of bridal caps coming up!). This is a cute set-up. One thing I don't see often in TG caps/stories is the fact that brides are EXTREMELY busy on their wedding day. It's literally impossible to even go to the bathroom without someone trying to stop you and have a conversation. Maybe another could be a bride is the introvert type and and has her brother stand-in. Or there are TWO brides at the wedding with guests not knowing who the actual female is!

    1. I've seen it a few times. I have not been married (see above comment!) nor has my daughter yet, so I haven't seen it up close, but it truly sounds like a traumatic thing. I have said that if I ever got married, I'd go to a justice of the peace, and then get like a cheap VFW or Elks Hall for a reception, where everyone brings a hot dish, celebrating that way. Hell, I'd just set up a Spotify list of songs hooked up to my PA system and not worry about that either!

      Have fun with your bridal week!