Friday, February 11, 2022

Yes, Yes .. Her Name is Lily! Get Over It!

This fairy tale isn't very GRIMM, is it? Yes, I'm a witch .. how'd you like those apples, dearie?

Just a fun little thing I concocted about a week or two ago, when I was feeling particularly jaunty. It's one of those captions that I think Bimbo Jessica, Petra or ShySteffie would have loved. Cute, sexy and groan inducing as well. I've always had a soft spot for captions like this one.

Hope everyone is going to have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. I don't think I'll be posting again until Monday, as I'll be at the GF's house celebrating and also watching the Superb Owl. I'm rooting for the Bungles, but if I had to bet on a team winning, it'd probably be that team from Los Angeles. i try to go with the underdog, unless it's a Boston team, then I'm all in for those players.

So down below, let me know which team you are going with .. maybe if your team loses, I can put you in a caption?!? You never know! Also, what are your Valentine's Day plans? Would love to hear some sexy or romantic stories! I think the GF and I are going to have a romantic dinner and maybe some fun afterwards. Depends on if her offspring is around, or heading out for the night though as to how much hanky is involved with our panky! And of course, feel free to chat up the blog exclusive caption too!


  1. What the saying if you kiss enough frogs, you get a prince. Well, sorta. But what you wanted a princess. Well, no one's perfect, at lease you're not a frog, she does want you. So, so what? You're a princess?

    1. Wondered if perhaps the lady who kissed "him" was a lesbian!