Sunday, December 26, 2021

*Bonus Xmas Caption* Katie Mills' Christmas Sweater!

Yes, I definitely made more Christmas captions than the twelve I had planned! Ooops?!?

Honestly, I thought I was done making them for this year, but I saw this picture, and it reminded me of all the Christmas captions I had made for Katie Mills in the past. Haven't seen her in a LONG time now, but I do think about her from time to time. I didn't make one for her last year, because honestly, I wasn't really in a good place, though I think I made some of my best Christmas captions ever last year. And I still ended up making twelve in 2020. (I had a lot of time on my hands, as did much of the rest of you.)

So I just told a sweet and sincere story about how I wanted Katie to be happy. That's it. Nothing more. It is what I hope for all my friends here on my blog, on the Haven, and in my real life too. If I could make everyone that I cared about .. their dreams come true .. you'd already have them now.

So, this caption should wrap up the Christmas holiday season. Not sure I'll be around for the next few days due to my personal life, but I did post fifteen captions in fourteen days, so feel free to go back and view them once again .. and leave me some Christmas Cheer!