Sunday, December 19, 2021

A Christmas Interlude .. and A Gift for Fiona! So TWO Captions at NO Cost to You!

Some day I hope to be rich enough where I will have someone available to count for me!

I was pretty sure that I had enough Christmas captions, but I technically post things at night and consider it a post for the next day, and so I still wasn't sure if I had enough for this year .. hence, I whipped up something extra, just in case. Well, I am still pretty sure that I have at least one for each day through to Christmas night, which gets posted sometime on Christmas Eve, so here's your BONUS .. 2 captions on one day!

The first one is exactly what it is. A bit of fun little fluff that would have gone in a spot where I ran out of Christmas captions. It's got that fun banter and haughtiness and some naughtiness that you expect from me.

The second one is the one I was advertising for the "zero post" challenge that apparently only Fiona responded to, so Frank gets the privilege of being my ex-boyfriend. And it's another playful caption with much of the same sort of humor and teasing that hopefully you've come to expect. I am hoping that Fiona doesn't catch on until it's too late! And my gifts are all wrapped so prettily .. wonder if my tech sissy ties all the bows for me!

Maybe you are sick of Mariah's version, but this cover by My Chemical Romance is SO much better!


  1. You threw it so high! the sun's in my eyes! Oops!

    1. I think you liked it, you really liked it!

      And maybe I shouldn't have aimed a 2k lumens flashlight at your face either!

    2. sounds like there will be more than coal in my stockings this year!

    3. There should be a LOT of you in your own stockings this year!