Tuesday, November 23, 2021

First Class or No Class? Flying High for the Holidays!

Hope you don't get bumped on your flight, or maybe you'll end up with some more endowed bumps!

This is a relative quickie. Wanted to get something written up for everyone that is going to be travelling for the Thanksgiving weekend something to think about while awaiting their flight!

I haven't flown since 1999, so I have no idea what people have to do when it comes to security measures, and of course, I'd never have the funds to fly first class, so why not have some fun at other's expenses, and take some hoity-toity passenger and bring them down to our level?!?

My daughter is working on Thanksgiving, and my forever person's family is 3+ hours away, and the other friends are going to Maine for Turkey Day, so I'll be celebrating a very low key meal with the current GF, as we have a small turkey breast and some home-made fixings like Portuguese Stuffing. MMMMM. I'll try to have something posted here on Thursday night.

I also bought a brand new computer (first time in at least 20 years I didn't build my own, but I found a good Black Friday deal at Micro-Center with literally all the same parts I was going to throw together .. and it ended up costing me only about 50 bucks more to buy it all assembled, not to mention upgrades like a water cooling and 3 year warranty. I needed something new, as my current rig was made in 2012, and couldn't be upgraded to Windows 11 .. it was just a tired PC after all these years, and I couldn't wait any longer for graphics cards to drop in price. It's been so bad, price wise, that the graphics card I bought in 2016 .. I can still get about what I paid for it right now, used! 

So, why am I bringing this up right now? Well, on Black Friday, I'll be getting that new rig up and running, installing my old hard drives, updating Windows, getting all my settings the way I like them, downloading a bunch of programs I need to install again (new computers don't have DVD burners anymore so I had to snag an external hard drive to help with that .. so I am probably not going to be making any new captions or posting for a bit until I can get everything up and running the way I would like it to be. The plan might be to post a few re-runs from the past with a bit of new commentary. I will also endeavor to still reply when people comment on posts. I love to engage all of you whenever I can, and keep the community going strong!

Let me know what you think about the caption, or even ask me about any questions you may have. What would a TG version of Trains, Planes, and Automobiles be like? I'd love to hear some suggestions!


  1. I do deaclairr, shhhee's goinnn furst klaaass. Good luck on the new PC.

    1. Thanks. I am going to start writing down all the programs I use on the old computer right now so that when I set up the new one later today, I will KNOW what I need!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Dee!!!!
    Portuguese stuffing?
    I make the sausage stuffing recipe that my Grandma made....but I'm intrigued...can you send me the recipe?
    Enjoy the holiday Dee!!!! My wife and I send you much love!!!!

    1. I'm betting that this Portuguese stuffing is a lot like the one your grandma made, if hers is bread based. Pretty much like a Stove Top deal, but with chourico .. not the Mexican Chorizo, but the Portuguese Chourico.

      You can find out more about the differences here: https://homekitchentalk.com/chorizo-vs-chourico/

      It's really good on pizza too, and there are so many pizza places around here that make chourico and peppers pizza.

      And I hope you and Mrs. K has a wonderful Thanksgiving! As it was just me and the current GF, we have SO many leftover! We ate and watched horror movies, and had a little Turkey Day sex too! Lots of fun to be had!

  3. Oh you can't just drop that you're getting a new computer and NOT tell us what it is! The geek girl in all of us is curious!

    Love the cap. There's always something fun about taking someone down a peg along with the whole gender swap. Especially, like here, when they act how the former upper echelon thinks they'd act (mile high club for a first classer).

    1. I am glad that so many people liked it, which proves I often know Jack and Shit about what others will think about my works. I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving with loved ones close by! It's always better when that happens!

      Ok, so I got a Powerspec G438 for $1,799 (usually $2,199 but it was going for 2599 back in July I think!) as a early Christmas present to myself. Had a tad bit of money saved up, so, it'll be lots of imitation gruel for me until the tax return .. but this thing SHOULD kick ass!

      Specs are:
      Intel Core i7 10700K 3.8GHz Processor
      NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6
      32GB DDR4-3200 RAM
      1TB SSD
      10/100/1000/2500 LAN + WiFi 6 WLAN
      Windows 10 Pro
      The PowerSpec G438 desktop computer is a powerful gaming machine featuring the Intel Core i7-10700K unlocked processor cooled with a AIO Liquid ML240L Water Cooling Kit mounted on an MSI Z490-A PRO system board. For gameplay domination it includes an NVidia GeForce RTX 3070 Video Card with 8GB of GDDR6 memory and 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM. The Windows 10 Professional Operating System is loaded on a 1TB NVMe SSD to provide an incredible experience playing the most demanding games in the market today!

      So I got a very good deal, considering that even if you could FIND a RTX 3070 card out in the wild, it's going to cost you at least 1,100 - 1,400 bucks!

      Because I got a store bought for the first time in 25 years, and it does liquid cooling as well, I got the 3 year warranty on it, since I don't trust others work as well as I trust my own!

      And THIS has been Geek Talk with your geek hostess, Dee Mentia!

    2. Nice setup! And yes, that’s a FANTASTIC price! With water-cooling and that processor, I bet you could overclock that to 4.8GHz easy. Probably 5.0. The 3070 is a gaming beast and once you play with ray tracing, everything else looks sad. I think with those specs, it will last a good long time and having a 3 year warranty is always a good feeling!

      And you know, you could probably pull the hard drive from your current rig and plug it in as a secondary drive to make moving files over easier.

    3. I wanted to do that .. but their cabling is SOOO tight, that I am afraid to try to undo it and hook up the drives that way. I am moving some stuff over to the installed SSD at some point soon, and I moved some data files to an external 2 TB drive I have hooked up to it.

      And yes, the price is the main reason I pulled the trigger. I had spec'd one out about a month ago with literally the same set up, and without a graphics card I was around 1,400 or so I think. I've actually seen this computer go on eBay for 1k without the graphics card, because those 3070's are so in demand, people are buying the system, gakking the GPU, and then reselling the rest of the computer!