Saturday, October 30, 2021

Don't Dream It .. BE IT!

That line, spoken by Frank N Furter, should be everyone's mantra going forward.

Well, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Halloween weekend. I don't think I'll hit up a live shadowcast version of RHPS this year. Still really worried about covid and such. Plus I might make one of the Samhain rituals, and that's enough public outings for me for one weekend.

But do go sometime if you haven't. Rocky Horror Picture Show is so much fun to see in person on a large screen, with all the audience participation. It's where you can really let your freak flag fly, and so many of my friends used the movie as a backdrop for their own coming out stories.

I wanted something simple for the caption, and still have a bit of a reveal, sort of like how Brad and Janet first encounter Frank coming out of the elevator, and throwing off his cape. It's affirming to have both sides of the couple do drag for each other, and I wanted to touch on that.

Please do share memories of watching RHPS with friends, or strangers, or both! I understudied Riff a few times, although mostly performed as Eddie. Anyone else out there a former or current shadowcast member? Oh how I loved to go to Denny's afterwards for late night breakfast!

Everyone knows Tim Curry's wonderful performance, but there's been other ones too. This is from an Amnesty International program that Richard O'Brien organized, using former cast members of the live shows. Michael Ball is truly a great performer. Enjoy!


  1. I got drafted to play Eddie the very first time I ever saw RHPS. I was a "virgin" in both senses. My friends demanded we sit up front and I had gotten into punk just then. So I was in a bomber - boots, braces, and my hair was in a spiky razor cut - this was 1981 and I was 15. The cast's Eddie didn't show up so they needed someone - saw me, begged me to do it, and the woman dressed as Columbia hopped in my lap, wrapped her arms around me, and said

    "Don't worry honey, I'll show you everything you need to do"

    And then French Kissed me.

    I was in the cast for the next 2 years.

    Now it does sound like a caption, doesn't it?

    1. That certainly does sound like a caption! And you caught RHPS fever fairly early too! For me, one of the most fun parts was going to a Denny's for late night breakfast at 2:30 AM. We often weren't the freakiest people in the restaurant.

      And I'm actually watching RHPS as I type this. Might watch The Crow next.

  2. As always, I have a story....
    A long time ago in a theater far far away....a small group of kids from my school were going to the midnight show of RHPS....among the group was a girl named Helen who had always been friendly to me....and she brought a date that none of us knew....a young man named Freddie....he was small in build like me but that's where the similarities ended....
    Anyways....we sat down for the show and enjoyed it immensely....the audience participation was so much fun!!!
    Then during the Don"t Dream It sequence Freddie put a hand on my thigh and asked me if this was turning me on!!!!
    If his hand had landed a little bit higher he could have answered his own question!!!
    I noticed that Helen was watching me too...and suddenly i was so embarrassed and told him that he was crazy and I laughed it off....
    I still remember that night and I wonder where it would have gone....but I guess you only get that kind of chance once or twice in a lifetime....
    But in the years since....I don't dream it anymore....I live it!!!
    Loved the cap and thanks for stirring up an old memory!!!"

    1. As Homer (Simpson) would say, "I like stories!"

      Once again, it's another, "what if I had done BLANK?" thing that I'm sure is tinged with a touch of regret, but who's to say that would have led you to a much different life .. and I'm sure you are so happy being where you are now.

      Usually though, it's things like that that torment me at 4:30 AM, right after I've wandered into the bathroom, and then back to bed, and I'm trying to go back to sleep .. and my brain goes, "Well, here's a list of failures you've had starting with nineteen eighty-blank and I'm going to play them all for you chronologically!"