Monday, June 14, 2021

Let's Just Finish This Up First Before ..

.. we say something hasty! Now we both have a bit something extra to play with!

Sex is a very powerful thing, especially when it comes to magic, and wishes, and whatnot.

Especially the what-not! That can vary from person to person, and you never know how that will interact with any magic entities that are in the vicinity of those looking to use it.

I mean, perhaps the magic deliverer was only trying to be economical. They each got ONE wish, but why not SHARE each wish with the other person too? That way, they BOTH get TWO wishes! Nothing could go wrong that way, right? And when you are having sex, we all think very clearly, right? Not make careless wishes that could possibly have implications deeply than we anticipated later on!

So, it's a down and dirty caption from me that we really shouldn't think TOO much about. Just sit back and enjoy it, or imagine ourselves in that situation. Your "lady" still has a smaller cock than yours, right? Or were there some other adjustments that we don't know about yet? It hopefully boggles your mind .. enough to tell us all what happened before and after the caption's moment in time came and went! C'mon, you know we all want to hear about your escapades! Leave your comments down below!

The next caption post will be number 2,000, 
so that means we now party like it's 1999, because it is!


  1. Oh, Henry? I think you changed more than just growing tits. It's a gift....

    1. If it's a gift, it's definitely a good package .. or two!

  2. Well that is total fun surprise for both of them.

    1. I'm not sure if they will realize how much fun it will be until later. Definitely a surprise though!