Tuesday, March 23, 2021

There's at Least ONE In Every School, Right?

Yeah, I'm definitely evil, but I always root for the underdog .. and you should too!

I saw this picture and I knew there was something there for me to unlock in regards to a storyline. Originally it was something along the lines of confronting a bully at a reunion, where she'd say something like, "You'd definitely want me to blow you NOW, Sport-O! Too bad I am married to a REAL man who appreciates me for who I am!" but it felt way too confrontation for my liking .. as most of the trans people I know mostly want to be left alone, and not draw attention to themselves in any way. If they could just blend into the scenery, it'd be fine with them.

However, who wouldn't want their ego boosted just a tad? I've never been to any of my reunions, and most of the people I would want to see do not go to the reunions as well, so I'd be more up for an anti-reunion of sorts. It's sort of funny that I do have contact with some people from High School now, and they often felt the same way I did, but tried to "get along to get along" so to speak, while I just didn't deal well with other people's bullshit. Plus as a metalhead, people legit thought I was a Satanist .. plus I knew how to fight .. so people tended to just stay out of my way back then. Many of my friends had it much worse, but when around me they were at least rewarded with a bit of safe harbor. I mostly got the taking behind my back, rumors started, people would whisper when I walked by, etc ..

Anyway, this is a caption that goes out to all the misfits and fucked up people that didn't fit in with the cliques and were given grief just for being themselves. Those who already knew what they were, while the knuckleheads were already peaking in life at age 17-18. I find it funny now that people are saying, "the kids need to be back in school .. it's the best years of their lives!" If that is true, how fucking pathetic are those people's lives now? I can tell you that a good number of those kids are enjoying their space right now, and not being hassled by bullies, asshole teachers, stuffed into lockers and ridiculed for stupid ass reasons .. 'you need to toughen up or the real world is going to chew you up and spit you out!' Yay, more of the same! But things are different when you "grow up" and you can expand your horizons and meet people that think like you do, and accept you for the person you are, and are growing into. That's the thing that we should be telling the kids of today. That what you are now, isn't what you'll always be .. you can be yourself and still be the person you want yourself to be.

Anyway, I wanted the best for Lisa, and I wrote it that way .. and thanked those who give "the beaten and the damn" some respite from the every day tortures that teens face. I'm sure you all had your angels that took you at face value, and lifted you up when you needed it. And I hope that you are doing the same for those that you can help .. either directly or by supporting those who do. We are all in this together, so let's make those outcasts feel like they belong somewhere!

And one of those kids from Middle School and High School that I didn't really talk to that much back then .. I might have a date with her post-covid! We apparently have more in common than I thought back when I was a teen and had a mad crush on her. Who said you can't go home again?

How 'tough' was I? I tried to commit suicide when I was younger. My friend punched me until I threw up the pills I took that I drowned with alcohol. That is friendship right there. Many years ago (27) this week. I am still here and he's not. I have my life now because of him. Just remember .. it gets better!


  1. Such a fantastic picture and the story is great to boot! As Sinatra said, "Here's to the losers, bless them all!" And if being a loser in high school means not peaking in high school, I'm all for it.

    1. I am not sure they realize how sad some of the parents sound when they say that whole, "it's the best years of their lives!" I always think of Al Bundy and Peggy from Married With Children. 4 TD's at Polk High!

  2. High School was pure hell for me...between psycho jocks that hunted me in packs and sadistic girls who verbally and physically abused me and the occasional teacher who just seemed to have it in for me....I'm thinking of you Coach V.
    I almost made the biggest mistake you can make....like you....but I was more persistent and tried three times....the third landing me in a "facility" for "evaluation" where there was very little hope and the light at the end of the tunnel was a pinprick in the darkness....
    I refused to go to reunions for years until my wife decided that we should attend one....she dressed to the nines....a very sexy dress that displayed her charms...and she fawned over me the whole while we were there...dropping sexy double entendres into almost every conversation...
    At the end of the night when we left they believed that I was a retired, multi-millionaire stud and my wife was the most sexually satisfied woman ever!!!
    God bless her....she's so wonderful....I hated most of those people years ago and leaving them thinking that they couldn't measure up to the "needledick sissy" made me really happy!!!
    And other than that most of them looked like hell...peaking early must be tough!!!
    Loved the pic and the cap...and I had that special teacher too...and wherever he is....Mr. K...thank you!!!

    1. I knew some of your backstory, Kaaren as we have had discussions about it in the past, and I did let it seep its way into the caption.

      And I'm so glad that your wife played up everything so nicely, even though the bastards you went to school with didn't even deserve that effort .. and Mrs. K is always awesome in my opinion!

      On a side note, this is one of my favorite cameos that I have written myself into as far as a caption. As I've mentioned in the past, that role would definitely have been my GF if she had decided to pursue a teaching career, which was an option for her with her degree, though she probably chose wisely not to go further with that.

  3. "Anyway, I wanted the best for Lisa, and I wrote it that way." And that's why we love you, Dee! This caption made my heart sing precisely because it wasn't about some sort of trap revenge scenario but a wonderful thank-you to those who stood up for her all those years ago.

    I was bullied mercilessly in elementary school, until I snapped one day, walked up to my bully in class, and slapped him across the face as hard as I could. Yeah, slapped not punched - I already had the feminine instinct back then. The teacher knew what had been going on, and he just nodded then continued teaching as if nothing had happened. The bullying stopped cold that day, but high school was still a pretty lonely place, and there's nobody there I'd care to see in a reunion setting.

    My darkest days came after graduation. Like Kaaren, I had 3 tries at it, ending in a mix of prescription numbness and useless therapy where I never felt comfortable enough to talk about the things I really needed to talk about. I often wonder how different life might have been with a more open, supportive, communicative therapist, but my journey brought me to my wife/Goddess and I wouldn't trade her love and support for anything.

    I'm glad we're all still here to support one another, even if from afar. :)

    1. It's amazing to me how much in synch many of us are when it comes to past experiences .. there are quite a few commonalities amongst our little section of the TG universe. Much like you, I fought a few battles that brought me up in the bullies eyes, enough for them to mostly leave me alone physically .. emotionally was a bit of a different story. I did feed into the 'outsider image" though and played it up as a big defense mechanism.

      A bit surprised that no one has said, "Wait a minute? Damien / Dee might have a date lined up at some point soon? Way to go Stud-muffin / Temptress! And sorry for stepping out of line, I will go polish your boots now, Mistress!" It's all up in the air at the moment, due to vaccine schedules and such, but I definitely think there is some interest on both sides. Going to definitely slow play everything, especially with the 1 year anniversary of my forever person's death, but things could possibly / maybe / sort of / kind of / might be looking up for me on the romantic front. Of course, that opens up quite a few other cans of worms, but I'll get to that when it's time to do so!

  4. reminds me of that holiday Inn commercial.... ;)

    1. Not sure if I have SEEN that commercial!

    2. this one...


  5. There is always one, that one who is pick on the most. The one that they center on. And now there that person, your not sure, but you thought, you knew her, you thought you did her in the backroom , the bloom closet. Your not sure who it is.