Saturday, March 27, 2021

Keeping Abreast of Things at the Public Library!

This is a mourning weekend for me, so here's something to hold you over!

I'm doing things to honor my forever person at the moment, and I didn't really want to vent here .. you've heard enough throughout the year, so I don't want to bring anyone down. Here's something from around this time back 4 years ago .. and in the words of an unknown commenter at the time, "library cap is the best cap I've seen in years." and I mean, if you can't trust unknown's opinion, who CAN you turn to?

And quite a few known people commented too, including Ian (WE MISS YOU!!) Joanna Cale (WE MISS YOU!) Beatrice Black, and Helena Radiant (WE MISS YOU!) Why not leave your comments down below as well? Here's some of what I said back then:

And I thought my latest book would have the legs to stay in demand for quite a few years going forward! It's not like my novel, Fahrenheit 666, right? Things would've got VERY hot and uncomfortable if you chose that opus instead.

Made this for KarenSue a few weeks ago. The picture is perfect for a caption, and setting it in a library was my little hope that they'll stick around for a bit longer, though it seems like the funding to keep them open dwindles every year. Maybe in the near future, it'll become like a desolate place where creepy goth girls and wizards go to practice their dark arts on gilded tomes from days long past .. instead of mostly old people going in to read the newspapers for free. I think our public library has puppet shows for the kids in air conditioning, which can give parents a needed rest for a few minutes. Maybe they should convert some of the stacks into personal sex booths for those parents.

And this caption was uploaded as the 1200th post. Soon I will posting my 2,000th post, probably by the end of June? about 36 more until that momentous occasion. Time flies when you are having fun, right? Should I do anything special for that .. ideas down below as well!

I will be back soon, I promise!


  1. HA! I don't recall if I saw that cap before or not, but it's great. DDS... snicker.

    Now, I'm comfortable enough to say I can speak for your regulars... if venting here helps even just one little bit, we're here to bear witness and offer any help we can. It doesn't bring us down when we can help bring you up!


    1. I had replied to KarenSue when she asked, "Dr. Mentia's a DDS?" with, "I put lots of letters after my name. Keeps people guessing. Plus you'd HAVE to be a Dummy, Idiot or Bimbo to buy a magic book written by a dentist! And as a doctor, I can't be any worse than Oz or Phil, right?" And that still sums it up very nicely.

      Thanks for the support, as always Caitlyn. I wasn't sure that my venting here would play well here going forward, but as you mentioned, I'm glad that I have this outlet in case I do need to grieve or let my feelings out.

  2. Hey you, I need that book.
    You need that book.
    I need that book, because, of what happen, to me.
    What happen to you, you mean what happen to me.
    ladies, Ladies please be quiet this a library , you must be quiet now.
    Sorry, do you have another copy of this book.

    1. Very much indeed! In this case though, you need a first edition or you probably won't see another. Maybe I shouldn't have included the racially insensitive Dr. Suess cartoons inside!