Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Eve .. A Place of Warmth Where You Least Expect It!

Like a Tom Waits song, but in Dee Mentia caption format .. and without that deep growl!

I didn't think about it until I started writing this up, but it does have a bit of a Tom Waits feel to the story, and that was accidental, but I really do like the sentiment contained within it.

Also hoping that the start of the second paragraph startled you a bit, like you weren't expecting it, even though *I* and the one creating it, so you do expect that O Henry twist from me. 

There is always that one guy, or a few, that hang out at places mostly because they really have no where else to go. I think I've told this story before, but I used to hang out with a good friend of mine in the mid 90's, and I'd often pick her up after work at the diner she was a waitress in .. and each time I visited, it was the same guys at the same chair at the counter, probably eating the same food they always ordered. 

She knew them all fairly well. They all got her small presents at Christmas, and she'd pick up their checks because .. well, they protected her from asshole customers and creeps, and made the time pass quickly. Every one of them had a story, and most didn't have much family, were estranged or widowed. That diner was their home away from home, and a shelter from the slings of life. Sort of like Cheers, where at least some people knew your name, and missed you when you weren't there.

That was the vibe I was going for here, and was one of the caption ideas I emailed myself back at the end of December of last year. What I wrote quickly then was, "Guy wants to go to strip club on Xmas eve but they are closed. Wishes he could hang out there as they seem to be his only friends aka family. changed into stripper and happily ever after." So, when I saw it this year, I knew it could be done, and just needed to find a picture to make it happen. Didn't think it'd be hard but I started to like the guy, and running around scantily clad wasn't on my agenda, and would strippers really wander around their apartment that way? I mean, it's what they do for a living! They'd be dressed in comfy warm PJ's and such, so I made an audible. I think it makes it slightly more wholesome and sweet .. I mean, he'll be working at a strip club in a few days later, so there's your latent naughtiness right there!

So it's a caption with a bit of column A and column B. A bit sexy, and a bit sweet. Just like me!

Stuff my stocking hung by the chimney with care .. with fresh comments like sugar plums!

Tom Waits is definitely an acquired taste, and like a fine bourbon, it gets better with age!


  1. Okay....I have to tell you a story...a Christmas story....a nice Christmas story about when I was a young boy...maybe 7 or 8 years old...before my alcoholic father started hating me...
    The tree was up and decorated and it was Christmas Eve....We were watching TV my Mom, my brother and me....Dad was up at Tuckers he was most evenings...
    The phone rang and Mom answered it....I was surprised when she said it was for me!!!!
    It was my Dad...he told me to go look for a present under the tree...a small box wrapped in red paper with a tag that said it was from him to my Mom....
    I ran to the tree and quickly found it....he told me to take that tag off of the present and replace it with one that read "From all of us to Max".
    I followed his instructions and he told me to put it back under the tree and he'd be home soon...
    When he got home he'd brought his barfly friend Max with him...and my Mom...well she tried her best to be nice about it...
    Dad poured them a couple of drinks and toasted the holiday...I watched they did this another couple of times...
    Then Dad asked me to go look under the tree to see if there was something there for Max....and I ran to the little package and brought it over to them...Max looked so surprised!!!
    When he opened the package there was a gold cigarette lighter inside...he took it in his hands and began weeping...I had never seen a grown man cry before and I didn't know what to do....
    He sat with his head in his hands as he tried to regain his composure...
    He thanked us and told us that he had no family and he'd been alone for so many years that he couldn't remember the last Christmas present he'd been given ....and this meant more than anything in the world to him and then he began crying again...before long we all were crying with him...well except my brother who just shook his head and went to our room....
    My father told me that for months Max would proudly display his golden lighter and tell the gang at Tucker's that he'd gotten it from his family...
    It was such a beautiful and generous gesture from my father it's hard to compare that man to the man who wished me dead not all that many years later...but I remember that night so's more vivid than almost any other childhood memories of Christmas...
    So yes this cap brought me back....thinking of the lonely and forgotten people in the world and how one simple act of kindness can make a world of difference!!!
    Now here I am sitting here with tears running down my face again as I close my eyes and I can almost see it again...the pure joy on that man's face was just unforgettable....decades later it still stays with me!!!!
    So this cap struck a chord in my memory Dee and I thank you for it...when all around us is so bad...when the world seems so cruel...there are lights in the darkness...sometimes where you least expect it!!!
    Sorry for going on and on but this one really stirred something in me!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    And Merry Christmas

    1. Sorry that I made you mess up your makeup sweetie! Your story is a great one, and I can see why it stayed with you all these years. I feel like it'd be something that "All in the Family" would have done back in the 70's .. but this is definitely more real and poignant.

      And it goes to show that there is good in everyone. That is a good thing to realize during the darkest time of the year for many people. And you definitely summed up the Christmas spirit nicely.

      You'll have to check out the Christmas Day caption I am posting tonight as well. It's another one sort of like this one. Hope people will enjoy it.

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    1. I know, huh? A great story to read. Knowing some of Kaaren's life, it's a shame that there weren't more moments like that with her dad.

      Many of us have had some pretty rough childhoods, but we've made it through them fairly well after some fierce battles.

      And Happy Holidays to you Alana! Hope you check out the other captions as I've tried to promote the Christmas Spirit as best I can!

  3. “Cheers”, do you recall that theme tune from the tv series in the 1980s? Anywhooo that’s what came into my odd brain as I read the caption, which I love by the way. And the picture is as gorgeous as those comfy PJs are just what I need.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I was a huge fan of Cheers.

      Those comfy PJ's are warm and inviting .. and I'm watching the Muppet Christmas Carol right now, which is also comfortable and warm!

  4. Merry Christmas, dear Dee! You amongst all my sisters are the most thoughtful, vociferous, and fantastic (in the true original sense of the word :). May you be blessed not just on this silent night, but on others as well. <3

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! Still have another caption or two that fits in the holiday theme! Please do check back in and hope you are having a good Christmas as well!