Monday, November 9, 2020

We Won the Bet! Yay?!?

Who doesn't love a TG Caption title that includes a interrobang?!? C'mon inside to see why!

I made this for Annabelle Raven, whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for quite a few years now, as we've traded captions for probably a decade? Just checked, and it's been 8 years now since I first made her a caption, so that's quite a long time when it comes to TG years!

She specializes in family captions, where fathers and sons are somehow changed into women, though various different ways and means .. and usually there is some sort of happy ending, or at least a resolution that things could be worse and it all leads to acceptance. Not your standard TG caption fodder, which has lead to her filling a niche that many others do not.

Unfortunately, she hasn't been doing official trades for sometime now on the Haven, and her blog got pulled down about a month ago, which really sucks! She still has her Deviant Art page, which you can head to by CLICKING HERE if you belong to that site! Hopefully you will like it, and if you do, please FOLLOW her there, or bookmark it .. as I will be deleting it from my Dee-generate Bloggers section in the right hand side within the week or so, since it doesn't work like a regular newsfeed with DA posts.

So, what was the actual bet? I honestly have no idea, other than they probably had "be" a woman for a year .. after that, I left it vague, figuring it wasn't pertinent to the overall caption, and why not let you, the readers, fill in the blank. My assumption was that Evan's mom and wife made the bet with Evan and his dad that somehow put them into this situation .. maybe some sort of "man think" sort of experiment. Maybe Evan's wife is a scientist of some renown? That isn't for me to decide, it's ultimately whatever Annabelle wants it to be, and whatever you think it is. Love to hear what YOU out there think is the backstory .. it's always interesting to see how others see this story playing out.

I'm happy to have made this, as I hadn't been creative over the last week or so, as I have been in and out of a minor funk throughout. Just some manic ups and depressive downs, and I'm hoping for a more even keel as time goes onward. As soon as I was done with this one, I posted to the Haven, messaged her on DA, and am now writing this blurb up for posting on Monday night. Rest assured that I do have quite a few other works either completed or are almost ready to go, so I shant neglect my blog duties, at least for the next few weeks!

All hail the Foo Fighters, who continue to carry the banner for rock. 


  1. Not sure if it's my computer but your print is too small for me to read. Is there something I can do to enlarge it. Also all of your posts are duplicate.

    1. Hmm, try refreshing your browser. Most of the time, you should be able to click on the "2nd picture" when you open up the post, and it'll expand it so that you can read it.

      Another way might be to download the caption and then enlarge it through a viewer. It's not an optimal solution, but it should work.