Saturday, November 7, 2020

Don't Bogart ALL the Fun, Dude!

Sometimes party animals are the biggest party poopers too!

Just a fun little caption that I think will creep up on you as you read it. I was trying to be subtle in the beginning and build up the story as it went along. Hopefully everyone is able to follow along and figure out what happens.

And that is what can happen when someone decides to be the life of the party .. they actually can end up being the figurative life of the party, just not in the way they thought they would, though if they believed they were going to get laid, they were certainly right on that part!

Like to think that everyone is enjoying this weekend bigly. The weather here has been magnificent, and I even had a socially distanced picnic with a few friends, eating veggie buffalo wings and other spicy things. A fun time was had by all, and I plan on doing something tomorrow outside while we still can. That 20 degree weather about a week ago has me grasping for the last vestiges of human contact before we all end up in covid hibernation for the winter. It'd be much better if I had someone to cuddle up with, but I do have my memories, and her blanket .. which will hopefully keep my cozy and warm.

This is a blog exclusive, so please do comment on the caption, and why not .. I will offer another AMA .. Ask Me Anything .. so let loose below. I'll let it run through the week, and respond to each question individually, unless it's completely kick-ass and gives me enough content to create another post out of answering it fully. Get cracking people!


  1. Enough blowing these balloons sooo ready to blow something more meaty and have a filled balloon pleasure me hey my studly boyfriend

    1. Glad you commented! Don't think I've seen you around in awhile!

  2. Helium....Honey who said anything about helium!!!
    A fun cap Dee....way back in college we did the helium thing and I sounded ridiculous...not feminine....more like one of the chipmunks!!!
    I spent the day doing some yard work that has to be done before it gets too cold...
    I think the girl next door was watching me but today she didn't come out to discuss my dress or whatever....
    Even though it was Saturday my wife spent the bulk of the day working on some kind of big deal....she told me that if it goes through the bonus for her would be staggering!!!
    Maybe we could get that place in the country and leave the city behind....I'd love that....I'd love to live where the only time I see neighbors is when I make an effort to see them!!!
    Oh well....a girl can dream....

    1. Good job on doing yard work. You getting ready for a new bench out there next Spring? What exactly does a sissy wear for yard work besides a dress? Low heels?

      Glad to hear Mrs. K is trying to keep you two financially secure. Maybe if you move, you could become, WILDERNESS SISSY! I'm betting Sasquatch is pretty well endowed! I definitely understand neighbors too. I live in a six family tenement and as soon as I leave the house, I'm masked up and weaponized!

  3. Oh, that was fun! So much wordplay and innuendo, and I see what you did there with that second balloon. :)

    1. Thanks. I tried hard to squish that all in there!