Friday, October 30, 2020

We've All Got It Made This Halloween!

What is there to clean up after Halloween? Plenty! Come inside and keep yourselves tidy!

Ahhh, nice to see all my pretty maids here. all lined up and ready to get their collective pantied asses together and make this blog spotless before the trick-or-treaters arrive at my humble abode. Feel free to mince about in your heels, but don't topple over! That will get you a quick paddling! And Goddess forbid if I find any little boi clitties springing to life, enjoying yourself too much! 

I hope each and every one of you have yourselves the best Samhain possible. I know that not everyone's situation is the same, but perhaps if you aren't able to physically enjoy the swish of lace and satin, or nylon or silk, or even latex, leather or rubber .. maybe you can drift off into the dark recesses of your mind for a bit, and enjoy that bit of escape and fantasy we all crave.

This was last year's caption, and I've seen the source photo a few times on Facebook this year, so it definitely reminded me of the caption. Remember everyone, Don't Dream It .. Be it!

I will definitely be watching this on Bluray tomorrow. Can't wait until I can see it in a theater again with s shadowcast production. "We're having Meatloaf!"


  1. Happy Halloween Dee!!!!
    I love the cap but it seems more real life than Halloween to me....
    The scariest Halloween costume for me would be a suit and tie!!!!
    Wishing especially hard for you to enjoy this holiday...
    The Mrs. gave me permission to upload her post....probably Sunday....
    Kisses and hugs

    1. We've already learned many times that you are a deviation from the norm .. so I guess you're a deviant?

      Thanks for your best wishes. Halloween was one of my beacon of light's favorite holiday, and we usually celebrated Samhain with many of her Wiccan friends. This whole time of year, from October to New Year's was her favorite time of the year. The Covid rise isn't helping either, but I'm looking forward to better things next year.

      I will look forward to seeing what she had to write, especially not knowing the topic or any other details!

      Happy Halloween and Blessed be!