Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hmmm, That IS NOT a UV Light?

I's not a tanning bed either! After the light it done though, Felix's body will be uniformly .. girly!

I had this sort of set up quite some time ago, just never quite fleshed it out, so I went back today and finished it for Licy. I think it's fairly straight forward, though a few quick twists and turns do happen, like the shrinking aspect, which isn't always focused upon in TG captions.

It can be a fun little quirk to throw into a story, especially if you are a fairly tall or hefty individual. Not only becoming a female, but also petite, is a LOT to deal with all at once, in many different ways. Even better if they are teased about it ..  "awww, you can't reach the shelf to change yourself back? Better find a strong, fit MAN to help you out!"

Well, enough typing for one day. Please leave a comment below, especially if you haven't received a bench caption before. I have one from a few months back that might just be able to star .. YOU! Leave your male/female names that you'd prefer to see in the caption and we'll see about getting you "benched" from your manly duties! I am trying to finish any captions I made before March, so do this friendly witch a favor!

Side note: I got out my summer clothing and .. I don't fit in most of it! Yikes! Going to have to hit a Father's Day sale and pick up a few pairs of dress shorts for work! Luckily when we put away the summer clothes last year, I said, "I swear I'll lose some weight over the winter and I won't donate ALL these clothes until next year." so at least I have some shirts that I won't be swimming in!

Just had to highlight this song, as I was cranking it with the windows down on the way home from work. I am not a huge fan of bass guitar, but AC/DC had a ton of bass boogie in their Bon Scott day, and this tune just THUMPS with energy.  Got me amped up to do some grocery shopping too!


  1. So is this a fraternity thing? Do they take random Pledges and transform and reprogram the as house sluts for the boys to use....
    Is it permanent or just hazing and they only use him for a while then transform him back....does he remember pulling that train?
    A nice cap and again a really nice and unexpected use of the pic....
    Nice to know I'm not the only one with a twisted imagination.

    1. Yeah. We both have a very active imagination. Then again, you have an active real-life dream for many of the people that follow our blogs!