Friday, March 20, 2020

Some of Us Are Going to Have to Make Sacrifices ..

..  for the good of this country and yes, perhaps the entire world! Breathe easier, Earth!

Well, I hope this doesn't seem like I am not taking the pandemic situation in this world seriously. As someone that is somewhat compromised breathing wise, I totally understand all the risks. I am just trying to bring some levity to the whole pandemic. Hopefully, everyone within the reach of this blog post, and all their friends and family, will be safe from what potentially could be a devastating worldwide event.

So on that note, I had the idea, and decided to hunt down a picture to work with. There wasn't as many "sexy girls mask surgical" photos as I thought there would be. I liked this one the best, and with the contrast of the yellow suit, thought it would work really well. It's sexy AND apocalyptic!

And let's hope that this made Jenkin's boss immune to what we are dealing with right now. I'm guessing it made her younger, and probably gave her a bit more lung capacity. And if it's just the two of them on lock down, various bodily materials will be shared, for strictly scientific purposes I'm sure, and I bet you agree with that prognosis.

And who'd have thought that someone would have found my old laboratory? I thought I blew it up when the federales were after me! Turn one corrupt police chief into a whore and everyone gets mad!

Comment below on this blog exclusive and the AMA I am responding to from Chelle.

I’m curious which captioners also dress up en femme in their spare time or if captions are enough of an outlet? I imagine most of us are men expressing our feminine side or kink. Just wondering who all likes to dress up.

There has already been a few responses in the last blog post, but I certainly want to see more in the comment section, and who cares if you repeat yourself?!?

For me. I was never THAT into dressing up. I've always enjoyed nylons and pantyhose, and it it/was definitely as kink. Also, did Rocky Horror in a shadow cast when I was younger, so I had plenty of fishnets and heels to play around in, and would sometimes go to Denny's afterwards in them. Plus I had a skirt or two from my mom I took after she died. It was more for fun, and I still have never been able to make up my face properly at all.

But I don't really do much of that any more. I do have some thigh highs and hose stashed, but haven't done much of it, especially since I messed up my knee a few years ago, which mostly rules out my heels. It just isn't as good if you are wearing hosiery without them.

And mostly I am a dreamer that doesn't mind being Damien in real life. I'd definitely be on board with magical powers that would switch me back and forth. Perhaps I'd want to stay as Dee, but it isn't a huge life-or-death situation like quite a few transgender people that I know. Plus I can live vicariously through my daughter, who looks JUST like me, well other than she's so damn petite. I think that might be a wondrous fantasy, to be a barely 5 foot slender woman that fits in size 3-5 women's clothing that needs people to help her reach stuff and have them tower over me. Then again, I'm sure that SHE would love to be 6 feet tall as well!

Already have another blog post lined up, and hopefully will have a few more coming down the pike for most of next week!


  1. In troubled times I think a good sense of humor is more important than ever!!!
    We all know it's serious....we're all stuck in our bars, no theater, no restaurants, no fun...
    So if you can look at all that and make a joke that gets a smile then you've done a good public service...
    I just put up another virus related post on my Such A Funny Sissy blog....because we all need to relax a little bit or we'll all get ulcers and stress headaches!!!
    As for the cap....I noticed Mr. Jenkins made another appearance and I'm thinking that perhaps he and his boss will get through this crisis very nicely....
    I read your AMA answer....I think it's enough for us to know that even though Damien is outside we all know that our Dee is hard at work inside!!!
    Keep well and keep smiling!!!

    1. I do think there is irony in the fact that more than a few of the women here on this blog, and in the Haven, are definitely guys you wouldn't want to necessarily fuck with when they are their masculine selves. Hope I'm not "outing" them too much but Simone and Bimbo Jessica are two I can think of off the top of my head, and Brandon Armstrong is another.

      That's one of the great things about fantasy and the Internet. We can be who you want to be. Most of us aren't in Kaaren's situation, but they can live vicariously through her. I can use my feminine wiles here, when having people steer clear of me when I'm walking down a dark alley.

      Glad you are hunkered down, and perhaps with a hunk for you and Mrs. K to share!

  2. Yeah I don’t imagine there is a very big demand very sexy hazmat pictures but I think you did a lovely job!

    I’ve never dressed up myself. I also had a hypnosis and pantyhose kink and the TG community had plenty of it so that’s how I got started with this.

    Hope you and your girlfriend are still staying safe, Dee <3

    1. Thank you so much! I have picked up everything my daughter needs, so I think we are done with any sort of shopping for the next week or two. She's getting home soon, and we hope to head out tomorrow on her day off and walk on the beach if we can. Need to get centered a bit, and maybe some nature will do the trick!

      And for all those lurking in the comments, I am trying to set things up where I will be able to post a caption almost everyday for the near future, even if it's a bit of a shortie. Hopefully people will keep coming back, and keep commenting so I know that people are safe and enjoying what I'm doing!