Monday, March 23, 2020

Non-Essential Businesses .. MY FOOT! And an non-AMA Answer!

You can tell who came up with the non-essential business shutdowns .. Hint? It was men!

It certainly wasn't the people that read THIS blog that wanted to make that determination!

Just something a bit silly to get people through the day, and keep people in contact by hopefully commenting below; just to say hi, talk about the caption, or ask more questions of me!

Well, on to the question I am not sure anyone has asked in awhile. I actually mentioned it in a caption I wrote for Jeff/Jillisa, who is a longtime member of the Haven. She'd recently come out, and redid her screen name to be her actual 'real' name for her transition.

I have told you recently about where Dee/Dementia/Dee Mentia etc .. came from, and now I will re-reveal what I most likely would have been named if I was born female .. physically at least! At the start, I was referencing Jeff changing his name to Jennifer.

Well, I thought that was great .. I wouldn't mind doing that .. except Dee is short to write and it lines up fairly well with Damien. I mean, some people will call me "D" anyway. "Hey. Wot up D?" If I did make a decision like Jillisa/Jennifer, perhaps I would go with what my dad had said would be my female name back when they were talking about it, Rhiannon .. yeah, my dad loved Stevie Nicks. I mean, Damien = son of the devil in The Omen .. Rhiannon, the witch in the Fleetwood Mac song. Nice to have cool parents like that, eh?

.. and of course, I've sort of referenced this with THIS POST and caption, "Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be Dee Mentia" from about 2 years ago. I have no doubts that if I was born Rhiannon, I would definitely have been the gothy witch type, with flowy gowns and stompy heeled boots taking not prisoners and not giving a good flying fuck about what others thought of me.

And you can never go wrong if Stevie Nicks .. or Dolly Parton .. is your spirit animal! Well, other than avoiding cocaine and all that other excessive behavior! I've never gotten to see either of them live in concert. By the time I was old enough, Fleetwood Mac was fairly passe as a live act, and I'm not sure that Dolly performed very much her in New England. While I visited Dolly World as a youth, she wasn't performing there, though I did meet much of her family. Oh well! Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too many to mention, in this blog post!

Such an epic version of this song. She seems like she's possessed by Rhiannon!


  1. Back when I first started dressing in more than just panties I would wear everything....almost all I had were snatched from friends sisters panty drawers, or relatives...or clotheslines...the one problem I had was shoes....Mom's didn't fit and I figured anyone might miss a pair of panties but no one would miss a pair of pumps...
    My girlfriend at one time enjoyed the whole dressing thing and bought me my first pair of heels....and I wore them until they literally fell was some time before I worked up the courage to go shopping for them on my own!!!
    It was when I went to that counter with my two pumps and red sandals that I discovered retail indifference!!!! The cashier didn't give a shit that this teen aged boy was buying women's shoes!!! It was a revelation that served me well throughout the rest of my adolescence!!!!
    If Amazon had been available god knows how I would have avoided discovery....where would I possibly hide all those shoes.....hell, I'd still be paying the credit card bills!!!!
    Loved it...brought on a wave of nostalgia for me!!!

    1. Yeah, most retailers could care less. If it helps get their store's projected daily sales, they honestly don't give two shits. Just know your damn size so you don't stretch stuff out trying them on!

      The only Amazon issue is once you buy something like women's shoes, ALL the suggestions are going to be women's shoes, or purses, etc .. Not a bad thing for a Kaaren Sissy, but not for someone who is hiding purchases from the GF or wife!

      Glad I was able to give you a warm nostalgic feeling. I'm "working" right now, but taking a break as I, as usual, am awaiting other people's data before I can do my stuff. Also trying to set up video conferencing (GAH!) for the employees. Like we NEED to see everyone's faces! It means I'll have to put on pants! (Double GAH!)

  2. Your captions are helping me get through my shifts at work with all this overtime so keep up the lovely work Dee!

    1. Thanks! I am trying my best. Should have stuff lined up through at least the rest of the week, maybe more!

      I know it sucks, but it's good that you have a paycheck, with something extra in it! Layoffs are starting to happen to people I know, and the businesses are screwing them by not actually letting them apply for unemployment.