Saturday, August 17, 2019

You Bet Your Ass This Is a Good Caption!

There was no half-assing THIS caption! If you don't think so, I'll knock you ass over tea kettle!

I posted this about 4 years ago, back in August of 2015. If you didn't see it then, it's new to you!

Here's what I said back then! And what happened to Maxine anyway? And Joanne for that matter!

So, I made this for Maxine over at the Haven, who I would like to think is becoming a pretty good friend and trader there. She's also been a part of the last two DIY's which I am grateful for that as well .. and she gave me a return caption that was quite fun, as it involved the etymology of one of my favorite words, namely, "FUCK!" so I knew I wanted to give her something fun as well. 

BUTT! Hahaha, I wanted to give her something naughty as well. I thought about all the saying that involve the word "ASS" in it, and figured I could certainly work them into a caption, but what sort of picture could I use? Well, half the fun in making a caption is finding a photo that would work well and mesh with the story line. Took me honestly about 20 minutes to find this one. 

Ironically I tend to use pictures that only have one model in them, and I was looking for something with a guy and a girl, having anal intercourse, but hoping to find one without the guys features. The first 7-8 sets I found were all solo model sets, which definitely didn't work. I narrowed the search to secretary anal and did better that way. Some of the guys did NOT look like an executive at all though, so when I came to this set, I was happy that there were a few angled shots that keep most of him out of the shot, well except for his dick, of course, which ultimately was the most important part! 

Once I had it all set up, I just had to let loose with as many ass idioms or sayings as I could come up with, THEN figure out which should go where. The last two were chosen before I started writing, since I thought they were the best at being a good zinger. Many of the shorter ones looked good being listed together at the beginning, then I could just use the rest in each line of monologue. 

Viola! A caption that makes you want to get off your ass and do something creative, right? >snip< Now get off your ass and get back to work!

I know many people are on vacation right now, but I do hope you'll keep stopping by, and read any captions you may have missed while you were having fun romping on a beach in a bikini! At least, that is what I am hoping all of you are doing right now! Feel free to comment on anything!


  1. Still a cheeky cap.
    Not sure what the problem is, but when I click on the thumbnail I don't get the full size caption. Went back to 2015 to get the tight size.

  2. Thanks Helena! I think it's fixed now!

  3. sounds like you really busted your ass to find the right pic!

    Vacation's in a week, but I'm not putting on a bikini and make an ass out of myself.

    1. Seems like many of the readers here take vacations late in the summer.

      Since I am in New England, it makes sense as it shouldn't be as hot in late August, and kids tend to not start school until after Labor Day in September, as opposed to many of my friends in the south who's kids started school like a week ago!