Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Fridge Too Far! Chocolate Chip Cookie D'oh!

Why yes! I have been to the ice cream factory in Vermont! It was a cold blast of fun!

This photo was just posted by the model today, and there was something about it that immediately called out to me, but I'm a huge fan of hers anyway, so I was working with something pleasing from the get go. I haven't made a caption for Jackie Blue in some time so with the long hair and a more than adequate bust. I thought this would be a good caption for her so I wrote it up straight away.

After writing it, I did a check again to make sure I didn't put something in that was not welcome, and she had mentioned "she-males" and I wasn't sure if she meant she didn't want to BE one, or didn't like them in general. Hence, I changed the caption to the one that you already read.

But since this is my blog, I decided to keep the old one too and post it here. Since it was the "original" it isn't written quite as tidy, since I needed to abandon it for the final version I gave to Jackie. But it still gets my point across, and each caption has its own rim-shot .. or is it rum-shot? Figured I would throw in that I LOVE Rum Raisin ice cream!!

Hope everyone is doing well. I hurt my back and side the other day and not sure how, but I am taking some pain killers, so it'll be nice if these captions are coherent to me when I am back to normal! Leave a comment about the caption or feel free to ask questions. I should have answers. Will they be correct answers? That I don't know but it's never stopped me from answering anyway!


  1. Lovely caption.

    You can wake we in the middle of the night for ice cream, but no offence meant, not if it is Ben and Jerry's. To me it tastes like it is made with cardboard. Then again, I am spoiled on the subject of ice cream. when I grew up there was a small ice cream factory near an uncle and aunt that made their ice cream with fresh dairy. There's no other ice cream like that.

    Yeah, I can understand that you like rum raisin ice cream especially if you have regular ice cream, and mix it with rum raisins to your own liking. Over here rum raisin ice cream is called "boerenjongensijs" which translates to farmer boys ice cream.

    Hope you get well soon, and if the painkillers allow it, maybe you can have some farmer boys to comfort you.

    1. Well, since I took that Ben and Jerry's tour, I know that there is like 12 Ben and Jerry's plants producing ice cream for the entire world, and with you being in Europe, I would have to blame your cows! LOL

      Ben and Jerry's completely revolutionized ice cream by using all real fresh cream and twice as much of the flavorings (apparently one of them has no real sense of taste!) I am not sure why it doesn't taste right in your area, but as I said, blame the factory in Europe!

      I could use stronger painkillers at the moment, as I think I'm passing (hopefully!) a kidney stone! I've yet to see a doctor because I've got things to do through Saturday night and I'd prefer not to go through our wonderful health care system that is almost as much of a pain as the illnesses themselves!

    2. Well, it's entirely possible that it's not the cows, but my taste buds. Like I said, it is what it tastes like to me, and I aquired the taste for my favourite ice cream long before Ben and Jerry's was availeble over here.
      For what it's worth, I do know loads of people who love B&J's ice cream.

  2. OK, so this is totally naughty of me, but I like the shemale original . . . she can pop in with her treats anytime! LOL

    Oh, and you wouldn't happen to have the instructions for that booby trap would you? I swear, that's about the only diet we haven't tried!

    1. I probably prefer the original too, mostly because that is where my mind went first .. and who wouldn't want to hang out with a drag queen name Cherry Garcia?