Thursday, April 18, 2019

You're Supposed to Change Back! It's Never Failed Before!

If you haven't seen this caption before, it's new to you! Come inside and learn the TG caption rules!

I am heading to see the Live Rifftrax in a few minutes, and will post this after I get back, but I wanted to make sure I had something posted tonight. Here's something I posted about 3 years ago today. AH, screw it. I'll put it up RIGHT NOW!

I wonder if you KNEW some of the rules of TG captions .. or perhaps we knew them all wrong?

Made this caption for Erin91, and I hadn't made her a caption in quite some time. Thought about a twist on a standard tg caption cliche, and wanted to play with it. Right from the start, I reverse things up, with a whole, what are you STILL doing as a girl!" type line, instead of what you would likely expect a caption like this to go. Then I get the reason for the existence of this caption, the whole "if you cum as a girl, or get pregnant as a girl, .. you stay a girl forever."

In real life, I think it would be exactly the opposite, and no matter where you fall into the TG spectrum, men and women wonder what it is like to be the opposite sex, especially when it comes to sexual relations. You just wouldn't be able to hold out for very long, unless you were quite a bit repressed or highly religious, and even then. masturbation is a venal sin at worst. You would be curious, and probably enjoy it no matter where your now female brain took you. Fantasizing about that hunky young butcher at the local meat market .. who cares when you have an earth shattering orgasm in that new body of yours. A sexual fantasy about your best friend while you are cradling your new 9 inch penis .. VOOSH! What a mess you've made all over the walls!

Which begs the question, what exactly is Damien doing with the spell in that most of his friends have used it at least once? They all seem to know about it as well, and it doesn't seem to be a big deal to them either about turning in a woman, or the other guys enjoying it too. Is it that they understand human nature, which they actually do here in this caption .. or does Damien have some sort of "fight club" type of circle of friends .. though they certainly wouldn't be fighting! Maybe each guy gets a week as a female and has lots of fun "servicing" the others, knowing that he'll have his chance with each of the other guys when he's not a woman. Perhaps a few guys can be lesbians for the week too if they wish to be. I would even venture that when one of the guys finds the love of his life, his fiance gets a chance at being a guy as well, possibly while he is in his weekly feminine state.

Sounds like a lot more fun that punching guys in the head named Bobby Bitch Tits, doesn't it?

So what says you about the questions originally posted about 3 years ago? Talk about it below!

A really good film short from Rifftrax. I'll be seeing them riff Octaman tonight in a movie theater! If you missed it tonight, they'll be replaying it next Wednesday in many theaters. Look up times and locations if you found something like this funny!


  1. Honestly....I doubt I would have lasted 5 minutes!!!!

    I missed this rifftrax live but hope we can catch the replay!!!

    1. Rifftrax was OK. Not one of the best in my opinion. The film short was fun, and many of the riffs for Octaman was good, but they had 2 sections that just DRAGGED on and on. Felt like a call back to "DEEP HURTING" Sand Storm segments back in the MST3k days for one of the Hercules movies. At one point, Bill actually did a "umm, guys. it's been a good run .. I QUIT!" and walked off the stage for a good 5 minutes, leaving Mike and Kevin to continue as a duo.

      I think your results may vary, as others on-line thought it was great. I've seen every Live show they've done, so I wouldn't hesitate to go to any future ones, but they might need to rethink which movies they should do live.

      And for anyone looking for a rifftrax movie to buy off their website, I cannot recommend "Guy from Harlem" enough. It's lots of fun and a goofy sort of blaxploitation movie that would be fun to watch even if there weren't 3 hilarious comedians talking over it.

    2. You know if you have the Pluto TV app on your device you can watch a rifftrax and mst3k channel for free!!!! I get it on my roku as well!!!!

    3. I do have Pluto TV on my Fire HD and will watch MST3k and Rifftrax occasionally on there. My issue is mostly that I have seen just about all the movies they have in the rotation!