Monday, September 24, 2018

What Are You Doing Wearing My Clothes?!?

Where are you Sarine Davis / Belladonna?!? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo!

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic .. but Belladonna hasn't posted a story since February I believe, and hasn't signed into the Haven since the beginning of June. I'm hoping she is OK, and that she is currently undercover as a cleaning woman and secretary in the Trump administration .. taking notes and secretly bringing it down from the inside. That or she's happily with a girl that treats her well, lets her dress up in a maid's costume, and gives her plenty of chances to be Sara. Either one works for me!

But I do worry that something has happened to her. I guess we never get over abandonment issues here in the online TG community. eh? Sometimes it is a happy story like with Petra, or someone just keeps reinventing themselves and wipes away their past work often, a la Hailey / Whitney. Then there's Katie Mills, who I haven't heard from for probably 2 years now. Sometimes we'll get updates, like Jennifer a few months ago, or Isobelle Nichole who made a quick post or two at the beginning of the year on one of her old blogs.

So before I talk about the caption .. if you are someone that used to trade captions, and sort of disappeared from the community and/or the haven .. but still pop in here from time to time, wanting to see what I'm up to, PLEASE reach out to me. Even if it is just to say, "I'm doing well. Miss you!" I would love to reconnect with you. I can make you a new caption if you wish, or just tell you what you meant to me over the last X amount of years. While I prefer to hear good news, I have no issue with learning about what trials and tribulations you endured that forced you to not be around. We don't always get happy endings like the caption above.

As for the caption, I hope that it confused people at first. There isn't anything wrong with the dialog and how it is shaded. I wrote it with the girlfriend / wife coming down wearing most likely his shirt and boxers / briefs. Maybe as a comfort and affirmation of what she believed for many years before seeing something a bit shocking earlier.

Of course, at first, you would read it as to the original scenario, where she comes home and finds him there in the kitchen, pretty much as the picture shows. That juxtaposition is hopefully jarring .. which is how I wanted it to be .. just like what she was thinking when it all happened.

Reactions are just that .. snippets of unfiltered thought / impulse that don't stand up to later rational thought. Well, maybe they do, for more rigid people who see their world in a strictly black and/or white sense, without the various shades of gray that life is.

Especially the TG life. We've got people who shun loved ones for dressing like this. Many will just sort of choose to ignore it and hope it goes away. "Just do it when I'm not around, OK?" Others will try to understand and come to some sort of compromise where neither is completely happy, but can be sort of comfortable. Then there are others that openly accept it, perhaps even pushing them further than they thought could be possible.

There are so many different ways I could have written the last 2 paragraphs of conversation. I chose a happy route. I think every reader here could put in their experience there and it would feel like a completely valid (and real) caption. Or they could put in their best case scenario and it could function as a wish fulfillment dream come true. I guess leaving it open ended might have been the most real way to do it. At least there could be hope there, right? For everyone out there, I truly hope you get your happy ending, however it comes to you!

Feel free to comment on the caption, or if you know some of the missing people I mentioned, or send me an email if you ARE one of those people and don't wish to make a public comment. You could also reach me on the haven if you still have the password remembered. Also, comment about the discussion. It's been something on my mind for a bit as I was writing this caption a few days ago.


  1. I often wonder what happens to those who disappear from the community. But, being more of a voyeur type I haven't really made friends, but I would like to point out, alot of you have made an impact on my life by making me feel not so alone with your storytelling. I hope all that have disappeared are happy and healthy or in a better place.

    1. That's quite a compliment and I'm glad I could have an impact on you. It's a big part of why I try to make our scene feel like a community. Even though we are hidden behind the computer and a keyboard, we are all real beings that feel, hurt, and need to heal; but also to share ourselves with others in a way that is beneficial to all of us. We all have the need to belong, to be accepted for who we are.

      And I do as well hope they are all doing well and impacting others, albeit in a different realm than this. And I hope they understand that we are still out here, thankful for their time and effort to entertain us and to make us all feel special.

  2. Over the years I've learned everyone has struggles and not everyone faces it the same way. Some create, others find relief in finding people similar to themselves and others fall down further in that hole and choose not to come back up. I appreciate the people that take time to create and share it freely with others. For me just knowing that there are others with the same feelings and desires out there makes me feel better. One day maybe I'll get over the fear that what I would put out is not good and actually create something myself.

    1. I'm glad that sites like mine are a comfort to you.

      And you'll never know what you can actually accomplish unless you try.

    2. Very true Dee and one of these days I hope to publish something of my own without fear.

  3. Turns out the L.B.D. was a Magical L.B.D. which on a born woman would make her young thin and sex but for a guy to wear it the happy couple found out it changed Jay into Jackie. I guess the bed will have to be relearned or they will become roommates and both will find new guys to make love to.