Sunday, September 16, 2018

I Sound Like a Completely Ditzy umm, Ditz!

Like Ashlee, I made the caption, and like a ditz, forgot to post it to her trading gallery!

Don't have much time, but I did want to post something. I swear that this week, my life will slow down some and I'll be able to breathe deeply and maybe make some more captions!

it was fun to write a story like this where the sister seems like she's helping others in the family, when actually she's not doing any such thing at all.

See you in a day or two!

Why not a full album with more cowbell than you can shake an SNL sketch at. Glam punk at its very best in my opinion!


  1. OMG, this one had me laughing out loud. Great job with the ditzy dialogue, and I love the extra little tidbit about MILF dad! :)

    1. The MILF part was just gravy to add to the overall story, but it did make for a more expansive back story, didn't it?